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Message to users of I've decided to close this site on it's 4th birthday, that is 5th September -18. I do not have the energy and capacity to host the site anymore. Please "migrate" or find a new GNU Social home. I've decided to not handover the maintenance or data to anyone else - so please do not ask to get the data to host this site further. Thank you all for using Quitter this period and for following it's users. - A. !quitterno #gnusocial #quitter
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„Der NABU empfiehlt deshalb vor allem, natürliche Feinde der Schnecken wie Igel, *Kröten* oder Blindschleichen im Garten zu fördern.“

„Hühner sind gut geeignet, das umliegende Gelände von Scheckengelegen zu säubern.“

#toads #chicken

cc @milan 😉

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⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

So after a week at home today I go to the hospital again - but only for a short appointment - removal of the stiches, general check and to talk about a few things - for example when the last little surgery will happen and so on 😃
The second surgery is just a small one to do some 'optical' corrections and so on.

It's over here.
Enjoying the second infusion of - I love it <3

Good morning - good :-) ☕

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Wegen des Kaufs von Github durch Microsoft auf eine eigene Gitlab-Instanz umsiedeln. Betrieben in der Amazon Cloud. Genau mein Humor.

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I really hope that github will be bought by MS, might be the thing that makes people rethink the downsides of centralizing free software development on a proprietary platform.

Good morning - good :-) cLI

@silkevicious Couldn't log in to edolas again, so now I came here :-)