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@neunerseb@twitter.com @cube_bikes@twitter.com Wer Funk kennt, nimmt Kabel.

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Damals™, als man Zuschauerpost beim ZDF noch ernst genommen hat … auch, wenn es um den Morse-Code in der „heute“-Melodie ging

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Apple just killed legislation in California by telling lawmakers that consumers will hurt themselves trying to fix their own iPhones.

Give this a RT if you've ever done a DIY-iPhone repair and you didn't blow yourself up in the process. 🔥


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  "キャラクタLCD「PLCD1602」でBad Apple!!"


なお今回はSeeeduino XIAOを使っています。SRAM潤沢で嬉しい。


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Friday night tinkering.
I love the sabotage alarm and built my own motion-detection alarm using this sound and some red LEDs.
Watch: it's so cool!😁

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Cross section of a 1N4002 diode. The gray piece in the center is the silicon die. There's a soft white silicone "caulking" around the die, to protect it while molding the black plastic case.

Outtake from a photo shoot with @TubeTimeUS@twitter.com

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Heute ist ein guter Zeitpunkt mal wieder euer Disaster Recovery zu testen. ;)

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