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Our talk "Der Pfad von 4G zu 5G" is scheduled on the 2019-12-28 at 11:30 +0100 CET. We will speak at lecture hall "Saal Adams".

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Giveaway price for @NovaReeee@twitter.com 🍦🍭 Icecream Adventure!

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Im so excited for the new Tokyo Mew Mew chapter and this hashtag is IT
Meet my mewsona from elementary school, who was basically just an Ichigo clone lmao... she‘s infused with the rusty-spotted cat! Her weapon is a triangle 🌝✨

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Mal sehen wann die Kündigungsbestätigung der @Telekom_hilft@twitter.com eintrifft - bye

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Das ist vollkommen okay.
Das gehört so.
Gehen Sie weiter.
Hier gibt es nichts zu Fehlfunktion.

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Small drawing! I‘ve been incredibly inactive on social media because of cons and school so this is actually one of first drawings since 2 months... i feel a bit rusty ( ˙-˙ )

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Ever bought something and after it being delivered realising the drivers for it were bad?

This happened to me recently, so I took it as a chance to learn how to write user space USB drivers!


Writing userspace USB drivers for abandoned devices


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Here it is! 802.11ax WiFi in the ThinkPad T430 of @Manawyrm@twitter.com . Speed is probably limited by the 1 Gbit/s ports on the router now 😂
Carrying PCIe 2.0 over the 30 cm flex does not seem to be a problem at all

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自作デジタルノギスができた! USB Type-C搭載で、測定データを出力・保存できて便利です。

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Heurekus and me are very happy to announce our talk about the "Path from 4 to 5G - mobile networks in the change of numbers" at !

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