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Microsoft ist dafür bekannt bei ihren Diensten wi Outlook willkürlich kleinere Unternehmen auszuschließen. Man verbietet diesen ohne Freischaltmöglichkeit und Grund Mails an Kunden (Outlook/Hotmail) zu senden. @meerfarbigISP@twitter.com hat nun Beschwerde eingereicht.

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Freue mich über Mitstreiter die von der Willkür Microsofts betroffen sind.

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"Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin" Soviet space control-monitoring ship, 1980

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➖October Raffle➖

➕retweet to participate・winner gets a free bust sketch!
➕follow is appreciated but not a must

➕raffle ends 21st of October!

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Artober Day 5: Magical Mirai Miku 2020

This amazing design by @fuzichoco@twitter.com is my absolute favourite Miku design at the moment 😭💕 Hoping for a figure!!

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I've now added a UART interface to the STM32 VFD framebuffer driver. First test: Bad Apple!
Pretty happy with the result if I may say so myself.

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Vtuber commission for @chomietv@twitter.com !! Coloring pink characters always makes me happy (*´꒳`*)♪

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found a transparent plastic packaged qfp in an old optical mouse; not often do you get to see the actual leadframe

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I‘m gonna try streaming for now!!! Feel free to drop by, I‘ll be drawing some requests!! (if I have any viewers haha 💀) twitch.tv/amarururun

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Schön wars @VVoid_Camp@twitter.com
📷 by @raspyweather@twitter.com & @TheVale98@twitter.com

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(Also expect a new upload on the 30th 😳😳)

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