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This is inside the Tower in Kaiserslautern. Lot of 'technical air' and a small eNodeB. TV and Radio transmitters are in the building on the ground.

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Ihr kennt Bahnübergänge mit Blinklichtern? Die funktionieren übrigens heute noch so: twitter.com/fkf_bs/status/1378

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Ich würde die 3 Bedrohungen anders zusammenfassen.
- veraltete Software
- schlechte Administration
- schlechtes Backup twitter.com/IT_SiBe/status/144

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sora showing ina around the JP minecraft server was sooo cute!!! a very wholesome stream 10/10

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@EvilMnkyzDsignz@twitter.com I've stared at that mechanism a while and I think it's a rotational MEMS (lower rotating part) with a clamp (upper part moves down). 6 of these could be combined to make a micro-manipulator that can be locked securely into position as in this paper: utwente.nl/en/et/ms3/research-

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More crazy chips! This one is marked as 115C and is part of a larger Ebay purchase. The listing says they all came from a “Santa Clara Semiconductor lab”. They may all be prototypes/research parts of something related to MEMS mirrors, but could be something else.

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Here is the missing from today’s - the Ka band satellite comms sleeve for iPhone, available from $299 for the 1W version and $399 for the 3W version. @Gartenberg@twitter.com @saschasegan@twitter.com

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Da der Linux Kernel noch kein subsystem für PoE besitzt haben wir auch ein Userspace-Tool zur Konfiguration & Überwachung der PoE Outputs unter OpenWrt geschrieben.

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