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See official website for details!

Tickets for each live concert will be on sale from September 27th, 5pm (JST).

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Also tour dates for EUROPE have been announced!! This year we’ll be touring 5 cities:

Jan. 11th Sat. London
Jan. 16th Thur. Paris
Jan. 20th Mon. Berlin
Jan. 24th Fri. Amsterdam
Jan. 28th Tue. Barcelona

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Main visual for EUROPE has been released!!
Check out beautiful and cool Miku by POKImari ✨✨

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E-Girl Miku!! I saw this design by @revolocities@twitter.com and fell in love 🤧 she‘s too cute....

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Vielen Dank für Euren Besuch @Jodl@twitter.com und Kiki - und dafür, dass wir etwas aus unserer Arbeit zeigen konnten.
Btw: Das Mini-Outtake nach dem Abspann ist Top 😆 twitter.com/Jodl/status/117381

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it‘s been a while!! summer is ending soon, so I thought this would be a fitting goodbye✨

🍊RETWEET to enter
🍊win a free commission by me with any character you like!

-raffle ends September 21-

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Visiting the @chaos_Coven@twitter.com and @milliways2342@twitter.com on my last evening at was a good choice

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dreams are just ur brain trying to make an API call to ur sensory system and ur sensory system sending back a 500 then ur brain scrambling to try to render using cached content

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If you are using the @AtomEditor@twitter.com plugin "gitlab-integration" you should stop using it, as it leaks your @gitlab@twitter.com personal access tokens everywhere.


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Our third visual novel, Cerulean Days, is now up on Kickstarter! We've worked hard, and can finally share the fruits of our labor with you. There's a demo available – go check it out!


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