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definitely approve of this custom PlayStation 2 PCB though, Namco's logo is very cute 👀

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DVD Drive Laser Scanning Microscope for imaging Integrated Circuits and other tiny things! I finally took some time to write up something on this pre-pandemic electronics project. Here's the full story: loetlabor-jena.de/doku.php?id=

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My growing collection of laser engraved, 4 inch slate tile macrochip coasters. RP2040, ATmega328P, STM32F07, and nRF52840. Comment if there's another you'd like to see, DM me if you'd like one. 😁

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demoscene doing better advertisements for toys than the toy companies themselves:


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Time for some stats?
Schools opened on 11.01 since then:
- 80,7 million webrequests
- 2TB of frontend data
- ~ 670 TB of videodata
- 1000 CPU Cores
- 1000 GB of RAM
- Peak 5200 concurrent Users
- Peak bandwidth 3,2Gbps

All run by volunteers


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I made the logo for the Asahi Linux project, which is bringing Linux to Apple Silicon Macs! 🍎💕 twitter.com/AsahiLinux/status/

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The Asahi Linux project now has a logo!

Thanks to @soundflora@twitter.com* for the design! Check out the SVG versions here:


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Got the idea on a whim earlier tonight and started working on it a bit, Bandcamp desktop client 👀

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🌟 Art Summary 2020 🌟
I‘m so proud of the progress I made this year and it‘s thanks to the incredible commissions I got 🥺💞 some where quite challenging, but in the end they helped me grow. Thank you for your support 🙏 I‘ll do my best next year as well!

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