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got something interesting in the mail: a custom arcade Wii manufactured by Nintendo seemingly exclusively for Capcom, the RVA-001!

the only known game released for it so far is Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but this system seems to contain something else? 👀

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Diagnosen, Laborbefunde, Blutwerte & Atteste von 1,75 Millionen Patient*innen waren online einsehbar. Und das obwohl Praxissoftwareanbieter DocCirrus die Patientinnendaten doch dezentral in "Datensafes" in den Praxen speichert. Was dabei genau schief ging: zerforschung.org/posts/doczirk

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Tomorrow will be the day! We (@FreifunkMUC@twitter.com) build our first wireless backhaul which directly terminates in the datacenter! No tunnels involved!!!

This wouldn’t be possible without the great support of @DECIX@twitter.com and @norisnetwork@twitter.com.

Thank you so much!

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@byteturtle@twitter.com should never have told me that 💽 were cool. I now have a large Sony MiniDisc player and a small mobile one, somehow there is still an Aiwa MD player lying around.

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配信に使えるかは分かりませんがお片付けは永遠の課題なので透過pngも置いときますね =͟͟͞ ( ˙꒳​˙)

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MkII boards arrived. The circuitry forms the inner frame - no 3D printed parts needed, and there’s room for a usb socket. Battery contacts and cap touch sensors are built in. Screen is now the right way up, with the bezel at the bottom. Tempted to finish this one in clear resin.

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impressions, part 1: our own village featuring WACCA, Love Live, Initial D 8, several (actually used!) rockets, a scanning electron microscope and of course... TASBot!

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And thanks to @dev_console@twitter.com for showing me the stuff inside the Cabs

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Thanks to @peterbjornx@twitter.com for giving me an insight into chip reversing using an SEM at

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