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Going to DoKomi artist alley this summer with Patti! It'll be my first convention in Germany, so please come meet us 😊🙏✨ twitter.com/Pattikou/status/12

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Got to draw @Flauschiiix3@twitter.com ’s cute OC Chitose!! She‘s been drawn by so many amazing artists before and I hope I could do her justice 🥺💗

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@revspacenl@twitter.com @peterbjornx@twitter.com .@revspacenl@twitter.com @peterbjornx@twitter.com scientific tests show that just one (1) Blåhaj and one (1) @happymappyart@twitter.com-infused chick improve productivity by a whopping 75±3% 🎉

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ARIN has repeatedly informed Cogent that their use of the ARIN Whois for solicitation is contrary to the terms of use and that they must stop. [...] For this reason, ARIN has suspended Cogent use of ARIN’s Whois database [...]

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Thanks to @der_kito@twitter.com for this @JuniperNetworks@twitter.com LED powersupply which also seems to act like a switch

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Our talk "Der Pfad von 4G zu 5G" is scheduled on the 2019-12-28 at 11:30 +0100 CET. We will speak at lecture hall "Saal Adams".

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