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dreams are just ur brain trying to make an API call to ur sensory system and ur sensory system sending back a 500 then ur brain scrambling to try to render using cached content

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If you are using the @AtomEditor@twitter.com plugin "gitlab-integration" you should stop using it, as it leaks your @gitlab@twitter.com personal access tokens everywhere.


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Our third visual novel, Cerulean Days, is now up on Kickstarter! We've worked hard, and can finally share the fruits of our labor with you. There's a demo available – go check it out!


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Small Animagic loot, powered by @_Risupon_@twitter.com @RequiRequi@twitter.com and @EgmontMANGA@twitter.com

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Ü Ich habe bei der 2019 3Tage lang das Konzert gegeben. Ich danke für die Begegnung! Das hat mir wirklich Spaß gemacht das erste Live Konzert in Deutschland. Vielen Dank, lass uns wieder sehen. Das Foto ist mit Herrn Fujii von Keyboard!

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我々は遂に発見した!昨日の夜に完成したニキシー管を持ってウロウロしている@yuna_digick@twitter.com を発見したのだ!噂は本当だったのである!ネギを振るニキシー管は存在したのだ!!

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hi friends!! Im holding a small giveaway for my new enamel pins!
🌟RT & like to enter
🌟 winner gets to choose an enamel pin of their choice
🌟 ends Sunday, 4th of August

you can also get them here ~> marustore.storenvy.com

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We proudly release the - Star Chasers" lineup !

Our next online radio event will be held on
between 21st September and 22nd September 2019!

Be a star chaser and join the party!

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