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The Resident Evil Chapter is coming soon to Dead by Daylight.
Find all the REcent info here: bit.ly/2RCn0tw

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1,5 years made my old phone case brown :'D with the new case also my phone looks new and it's also lighter than the old case :3

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I read The Twits in grade 5 and this page never left my mind, I will always recall it vividly

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GIMME!!! @DeadByBHVR@twitter.com do it, make this real!

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After two years of not doing jump style i finally looked at the basics again and i still got them! Makes me so freaking happy right now! x3


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@galakey21@twitter.com hey - we're waiting a whole other 8 days before taking it away...

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A Samsung Galaxy S8+ logged into my Google account in Februrary and i just noticed it today... Thanks Google for not notifying me about this but at least nothing bad seemed to have happen?

That's goals having control over your body like that :'D

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I’ve watched the video 100 times now and I’m still in awe. Further, how the woman just walks by like this is normal.

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На свежих спутниковых снимках неподалеку от входа в Суэцкий канал обнаружили несколько кораблей. Очевидно, они хотят сказать что-то мировой экономике.
В данный момент их послание находится на расшифровке.

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Mood: C418s Minecraft - Volume Alpha, the melancholic parts

I'm gonna stop using macros in Corsairs iCUE software that are for game changing things like struggling on a hook in DbD, i can't rely on a software that crashes regularly...

Goal of this week(and future): getting a routine in my week days and become "a man who got his shit together"!

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