Hab ein Cocktail namens "Spectrum by @LogitechG@twitter.com" und spielen das klassische Spiel Tick Tack Bumm! :D

Already found the cutest game at ! Defending Hamsterdam from the invading bunnies, chinchillas and other bigger animals :D come to the indie booth arena to see it yourself!

physics are completely different than Horizon 4(i know). The decal editor looked the same as in Payback(so still better than Horizons), couldn't try the other tuning, was busy placing the official sticker on the back window :D

Ich habe noch ein Ticket fΓΌr den Spieleabend heute im Meltdown KΓΆln ΓΌbrig, falls noch wer spontan mitkommen mΓΆchte, darf er/sie sich gerne bei mir melden! :) @TheRocketBeans@twitter.com

This is the closest i could get to Kojima... Unfortunately an hour earlier was still too late for the signing session, we weren't allowed into the line anymore :(

Tried for the first time, it's a nice looking Stronghold! :) nice to meet you as well, @ahaydenfirefly@twitter.com! Hope to see the other guys from @fireflyworlds@twitter.com over the upcoming week <3

Die @Olliwanda@twitter.com ist im Fernsehen! :D ich komme nachher mal um die nicht mehr vorhandenen Shirts zu kaufen :DD

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