Nice, Gibraltar-Main-Me likes this very much :3


Today's Apex Legends update nerfs the Wingman and gives damage reduction to Gibraltar and Caustic


Als Erstes die Credits gechecked und ich wusste doch, dass ich die Stimme kenne! Aber ich hab sie zuerst in der Beta als sΓΌdamerikanische Bewohnerin gehΓΆrt, stimmt das?

This song is pretty gay, i luv it :D Thanks

3h till 1800 Open Beta! I'm excited! :3


The pre-load for the just started! And as this is not enough, check out our latest update with the sweet details about the upcoming launch and live-streams:


Just preordered Deluxe Edition :) Anyone else of my followers gonna play it? If you wanna test the game beforehand, open beta from 12th to 14th of April (preload on 10th)!

The previous livery i did almost a year ago but in NfSPayback. I like this editor definitely more than Forzas ^^'


For the farewell races of i tried my best using the tools of Payback to make the livery in the game! <3 You were my favourite DTM driver and will always be my favourite race driver!


Finally finished my version of the "Audi RS5 DTM 2019 December Test Livery" in . Please tell me i did well and vote it up ingame ^^' Making the logos all by myself instead of using existing ones because i can't share it with the public otherwise is nerve-wracking...

On a walk with drinking games for the 25th birthday of :)

I'm stunned *-* So nice to see again in with such a nice livery <3

WTF, what a chaos of German words...

RT Here's your cloud! Also, based on your tweets, Cloud Bot thinks this might be a nice gift for yourself:


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