9th Alpha of Talk for SailfishOS is out. This time with the changes are for the eye: conversations and accounts pages were overhauled and got the account indicator as most prominent extra bit.

Check the parent post for a screenshot :)

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Last weekends nights were devotetd to overhaul the conversations page of the client for . The plain list of conversation names and unread counter was spiced up with an account indicator, conversation type icons, and the last message of that chat.

The account indicator gets the color from the Nextcloud instance's theme. What's missing is a way to override the color, thus an account settings page is necessary.

Until then, a preview from the emulator:

It has been thre months since the last dot release. Due to the virus invoked situation I was using my free time for sleeping mostly… nevertheless, good news today! Talk for Alpha 6 brings notifications and (hopefully) improved scrolling behaviour in the conversation views. Enjoy! openrepos.net/content/blizzz/n

A shout out to the Talk team who did really gorgeous work especially performance and quality of service. The new maintanence release is just out of the oven: github.com/nextcloud/spreed/re

Here comes another update of Talk for ! Alpha 4 brings support for message replies and comes with a few fixes. Enjoy!


Talk for Alpha 3 brings you a participant page (and with it a yet technical way of mentioning).


Good night!

Last night i released a small update to Talk for openrepos.net/content/blizzz/n
Nothing huge, mostly changes under the hood paving the way for participants support.
Also i moved the repository to a hoster with a more familiar interface (gitea) driven by an NGO (@codeberg), not a corporation: codeberg.org/blizzz/harbour-ne

Es gibt noch andere IT-Jobs bei den Guten. Der zum Beispiel sucht nen Admin in , der u.a. auch ihre verwaltet. Allterdings mit M$ Anteil (kann man vlt herunterfahren in dem Zuge? ;) ) bund.net/ueber-uns/jobs/

Over time i got a very basic, very simple, chat only, native Talk client going. Already dogfooding for a while :)

Not that I look often into the Jolla Store (Storeman ftw), but sometimes you find some pearls. Today, I noticed Belacina, a Kanban app that also supports Deck :) gitlab.com/qeef/harbour-belaci

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