Wenn man mal wieder extraterrestrischen Besuch erwartet, immer gut Gewรผrze fรผr Aliens im Haus zu haben.

Last weekends nights were devotetd to overhaul the conversations page of the client for . The plain list of conversation names and unread counter was spiced up with an account indicator, conversation type icons, and the last message of that chat.

The account indicator gets the color from the Nextcloud instance's theme. What's missing is a way to override the color, thus an account settings page is necessary.

Until then, a preview from the emulator:

Here comes another update of Talk for ! Alpha 4 brings support for message replies and comes with a few fixes. Enjoy!


Arkady, wann fรคhrste am besten Ski?
โ€“ Bei Schietwetter!

Over time i got a very basic, very simple, chat only, native Talk client going. Already dogfooding for a while :)

Im Hausflur hat sich ein Portal in die Vergangenheit aufgetan und das ist durchgeschlรผpft:

Doors can be quite quick :/ apart from the basket I am quite lucky i guess. Please check behind before opening car doors, thx.

Kids, wine 

Kids are becoming too old too fast. Calming down the soul the Georgian way.

Es radikalisiert mich ja fast gar nicht, wenn und Halter ihr geballte demonstrieren. Da mรผsste ich auch gar nicht mit Kinderwagen unterwegs sein.

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