You must be kidding me, ?! In order to publish your (first) Add-On, you must allow spyware (recaptcha).

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@blizzz They also have Google telemetry in the default config of Firefox.

@jrt On the addon's page you mean? Yeah *sigh* but there ain't no alternative, right? Chromium-based ones don't count.

@blizzz Falkon and Konqueror. I think both are webkit tho, so maybe not a security improvement :D

@jrt falcon is my dirty backup browser for cases like this, but it's chromium/blink engine at least. So, not really. Konqueror is dead i think? But was moved feom KHTML to its fork webkit, and if it still exists then it likely is based an Google's edition, too, since that's what is shipped with Qt.

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