Tired of assisting looking up instructions for your child? I feel you. I gave them a minimal Lego button, so they can type the set number, and a little later the PDF viewer opens. Excitement unlocked! codeberg.org/blizzz/lego-instr

I am simply fascinated by the skills and talents of Drew DeVault. Latest blog post on making various stuff work on a -v machine. drewdevault.com/2022/01/15/202

Jemand auf Jobsuche? 2 Stellen für die Kampagnen-Koordination der Seebrücke (20-30 Wochenstunden, Berlin oder remote):



Good thoughts on funding in the context. Implicitly stated is also: consider copyleft licenses like (A)GPL over permissive ones. haskellforall.com/2021/12/fund

Kommen wir nun zum Sport: Die ganze Welt spricht gerade über die Testzertifikate eines Tennisspielers. #Djokovic

🧵 Thread 🧵

It looks like, in response to a DMCA request, Microsoft has removed the Github repo for DeDRM, a plugin for helping people read ebooks they've bought on their chosen ereader.


@gargron @rysiek If you don't want to support BigTech, then don't use "permissive" licenses. Use AGPL. The problem is: Most people don't understand Copyright and licences. So they find their way to choosealicense.com which is curated by Microsoft Github. It prominently advertises the MIT licence with "I want it simple and permissive". This phrase sounds fair and good to most people. But permissive actually means "I permit BigTech to run their profit-driven thing with my code".

Durch den Feed flattert gerade, dass , leider Bürgermeisterin von , evidenzlos fake-newst, Impfskepsis herrsche in migrantischen Kreisen vor.

For #Kasachstan Internet block: this landline number on 56k low level speed for receiving chat and email works:

+49 711 26201000

+49 431 2478699

Dial in with modem, Android phones can do that, to get very small data connection via landline.

France fines Google and Facebook €210m over user tracking

A Google spokesperson said: “People trust us to respect their right to privacy and keep them safe. We understand our responsibility to protect that trust and are committing to further changes and active work with the CNIL in light of this decision.”

Ahahahahahahahah ahaha ha ha haaa haaaaah oooooh woooow! 🤣

For Internet shutdown in , the local energy wasters cannot submit their hashes, so sees a decrease of the hashrate by 12%. Miners moved to neighbouring Kazakhstan after was fed up with them. Eventually Kazakhstan faced power outages in winter. coingape.com/kazakhstans-inter

Verspätungsinformarionen der Bahn gibt es nun anscheinend nur noch online, aber nicht an der Anzeige am Bahnsteig.

Included pineapple with my raclette. Would do again.

Kindesmissbrauch: Der Staat versagt beim Löschen, aber wir sollen alle überwacht werden

"Das #BKA lässt pädokriminelle Inhalte nicht löschen, weil es andere Prioritäten setzt und angeblich Personal fehlt..." /1

Am 3. Dezember hat der Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit (BfDI) zwei Kinderbücher zum Thema Datenschutz veröffentlicht .
#BfDI #Datenschutz #Kinder

📢 Nextcloud Hub II is here!

👤 Profile page & automatic user status setting
💌 Appointment booking, room and resource search
💬 Background blur, device check screen, user permissions
🚀 Nextcloud Office
🌀 Peer-to-peer backup & much more!


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