Is the assumption correct that the use of US email providers, like Google Gmail, is de facto illegal with and killed ? When I, as a sender, send and email to you, i (usually) do not know in advance on which server it will end up and cannot agree with procession of my personal data. Also, an email may contain other sensitive data, which is especially problematic if unencrypted.

It's just not getting easier to wake up the innocent child in the middle of the night. Ain't no good tis morningpeopleism.

the repository of an infamous/popular container virtualisation solution

The development on #Tooter ß for #SailfishOS has stalled a bit. Unfortunately I can't say when I'll be able to work on it again due to lack of free time. Thanks for all the issue reports and feature requests 👍

If someone wants to help developing the Mastodon client, please feel free to contact me or create a pull request directly on

In the recent past, more and more websites stop working with sane browser settings. So, Hashtag:

Today: reading 's own forum, because »The resource at “{FOREIGNDOMAIN}” was blocked because content blocking is enabled«

Today we are proud to announce our End-to-end encryption is production ready and more!
🔒End-to-end Encryption in our clients
💻Desktop client 3.0 with completely new interface
📞Android 3.13 with reworked UI

Learn more:

Der CCC-Stuttgart bezieht ebenfalls Position und übt in einem offenen Brief an das Kultusministerium Kritik an der Entscheidung für Microsoft bzw. O365 an Schulen in Baden-Württemberg. Prima!

Erschreckende aber wichtige Doku von @DirkLaabs: "Rechte Verschwörer - Angriff von innen?"

"Rechtsradikale Kräfte in Polizei und Bundeswehr [...] die Vorbereitungen für den "Tag X" sind konkreter als gedacht."

It has been thre months since the last dot release. Due to the virus invoked situation I was using my free time for sleeping mostly… nevertheless, good news today! Talk for Alpha 6 brings notifications and (hopefully) improved scrolling behaviour in the conversation views. Enjoy!

Ein Polizist, der zu einer Anschlagsserie in Berlin ermittelte, beging mutmaßlich einen rassistischen Übergriff. Das traumatisierte Opfer wird abgeschoben.
Abschiebung nach Afghanistan: Polizist schlägt, Staat schiebt ab
#PolizeiBerlin #Abschiebung #Afghanistan #PolizeigewaltundRassismus #Berlin #Schwerpunkt

Seems the Mozilla DevTools team was let go too.

There's basically no hope for Firefox now.

is laying off 250 and looses interest in its browser, . To find new sources of income they seem to go further into services, nevertheless killing a security team (amongst others).

Oh, da ist das flutlichtblaudunkle ins Haus geflattert :) ⚽️👕

RT @Bibliothomas
Eine Reportage in der ARD belegt: Rechtsradikale Attentäter stehen nicht so allein, wie von den Behörden oftmals angenommen. Oft gehören sie zu einer ganzen Szene.

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