Good morning.

Radiohead's OK Computer is 25 freaking years old today.

(Its initial release date was May 21, 1997, in Japan).

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

Somebody gave Mastodon's official iOS app a 1-star review on the App Store because "there are too many Taiwan independence" [sic, translation]. That's a first! Also, Taiwan is a country.

I have a hard time figuring out if this is intended, and if/how to get the README to show up in the wheel build process. I'm going to give up and use -n/no isolation for now.

Would open an issue, but I don't even know how to describe the problem in their terms properly

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Reminder why Forums are great and Discord sucks.

Googled something I needed today and where did it lead me? To a post on my own forum 😅 with the exact fix.

Search engines don't get Discord but they do get Forums.

Put guides on Forums pleeeeaaase.

Neon Genesis will forever be my favourite anime. I wish it ran for more seasons. I watch the series + movies like 5+ times a year. If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT NOW. Seriously, it's great.

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