After the new update of , a with 'Automatic Privacy', a Google seach icon has appeared on the newtab page. is NOT friendly

If you're using any services by Google, try to move away. Find better alternatives. Remove garbage from your life. Keep it clean and safe

@ashlk Mozilla can't be trusted. I still tolerate FF for now but with a highly customized user.js based on and using external tools to wipe the entire profile directory and cache after each use.

Every update I have to check if nothing broke and if Firefox hasn't "accidentally" developed new antifeatures which must be addressed via user.js.

Sooner or later me and FF will have to part ways. Whether there's a viable replacement or not.

Interesting. Thank you!

I saw somewhere about using an unTORed Tor browser as a replacement for FF. Planning to give it a try. It won't have latest features, but can be good for privacy

"After upgrading Tor Browser to version 9.0, to run it without connecting to оnion network, we need to use environment variables TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH=1 and TOR_TRANSPROXY=1."

( ! site contains ads/trackers )

@ashlk That's a nice trick. I do of course use #Tor, but with firefox-esr from Debian. (Tor browser is not available in Debian Buster.)

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