How to:
Offline Maps without Google

1. Download "OsmAnd+" from F-Droid

2. Download maps zip for your country:

No internet required from here :)

3. Open OsmAnd+ once, so it creates necessary directories

4. Extract the zip file into to this directory in your phone's storage:

5. Force Stop (kill) OsmAnd+ and open again

6. Navigate to somewhere in your country and it should be available

@ashlk I mean, you can also download and install the map packs from within OsmAnd+ itself, right?

@pettter True :)

In my case I have a firewall. So this way I didn't have to allow internet access to OsmAnd+

@ashlk F-droid version you can download maps from within the app?

@kawaiipunk Yep :)
This way you don't have to allow the app to connect to internet. Like if you use a firewall. But it's probably easier to download from within

@clonejo I prefer not to let it connect to internet. Though it must be lot easier to find and download them in OsmAnd+

@ashlk #OsmAnd is so great! I hope there will be something equivalent for the #PinePhone and other open Linux phones, as this is the one killer app that would make me put an #Android phone in my pocket instead.

(The other determining factor is battery life, but that's not an app.)

@Coffee @ashlk

I came across a couple of navigation apps on #UBports on my #Pinephone already, although none quite as comprehensive as #OSMand. #uNav is quite nice though, in a clean, simple kind of way.

@ashlk OSMAnd is great, used it in many different places to navigate. Thanks for pointing out.

@ashlk without google implies, that you don't have any googleapps installed, if so you'd need to install microG and unifiedNLP plus an location provider
with google apps installed you're still dependent on googles location system

@tinfoil_hat I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I don't have any Google apps and not using a network location provider either. Everything works fine for me with using only GPS

If you really need one, there's "UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS)" in F-Droid. You can use it with MozillaNlpBackend for example and it should use Mozilla Location Service instead of Google's

I never had to use them though

@tinfoil_hat Haven't used Google apps in a while, so I could be wrong but even there is Google Apps, it should be possible to turn it off, right?

@ashlk as long as your Android ships with google(maps,playstore etc...) and your location is turned on google has your location


Do your logs show OsmAnd trying to call home?


It would be interesting to know, if ever you find out. Thanks!

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