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@tbm @Venty Es ist offensichtlch eine Ankündigung. Sofort Melden.

@utzer @Venty Das ist schön. Dann mach dich doch auch mal über andere Gruppen lustig. Kommt immer gut sich auf kosten von anderen zu amüsieren.

@utzer @Venty Wer wirklich glaubt, "Impfgegner" würden so einen scheiss glauben, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen.

Die Logik dahinter: Irgendwer hat mal x gesagt/gemacht. Nun sind natürlich alles aus dieser "Gruppe" so.

Ich kann verstehen wenn man Angst wegen der Pandemie hat. Und durch all den Scheiss einen Hass entwickelt. Aber anstatt andere Menschen als Hassobjekt zu nutzen, könntet ihr auch nen Boxsack kaufen. Wäre weniger schädlich.

Oder glaubt ihr das hilft irgendwem? Sorry, nein.

@Venty Bin einfach nur enttäuscht von dir. Traurig.

@pmj Wir brauchen mehr von diesem Inhalt. Die Gesellschaft ist noch nicht genug aufgehetzt!

@AlexSittner @linuzifer Das ist dann umso schlimmer.

Achso. Ja dann nur abgrenzen. Evtl hilft es.

@linuzifer Leute die solche Posts machen und sich dann wundern warum es evtl. noch mehr "Impfgegner" gibt..

Willst du Menschen überzeugen oder dich einfach nur über sie lustig machen? Frag mal einen Psychologen, wie man Meinungen am besten ändert.

Oder gehts nur wirklich nur um die Belustigung und weitere Spaltung der Gesellschaft?

@jlamothe It's the small things thatcontibute to a better soceity. You're a hero.

@attilakinali Yes, I have ignored some questions on purpose.

Do you mean the "masks cause more harm" one? I think I mentioned some things (RL handling vs. professional setting).
It would be a very long text if I would go into more details. Would be easier to talk about it in RL or one a phone :D

@attilakinali Convincing people is an art. It's not that easy.

But you most certanly can't convice people if you call them idiots. Directly or indirectly. It's one thing if you say that in a heated argument. But the media is consistently reinforcing that Far-righ Nazi Covidiot Conspiracy Queerdenker stereotype.
You have no chance to convince these people. You lost them already.
We need to cool off for a while. And then relearn how to talk to each other.

@attilakinali The simplest evidence are the comparisons between countries with very different measures. I know that this is officially called "fake news". But then you can clearly see how the curves are following each other. Maybe I missed something..

And how much people without masks do you see? Most do wear them. So even if there's a few outliers, non-compliance can't be the root cause of the problem.

Most people are not that perfectionist. So there can't total safety.

@attilakinali If they were surprised, that would mean, although they know a lot, they don't know everything.

I'm pretty sure we can't predict the future. Now that would be nice (not really..)

A lot of things were obvious in March 2020. I myself was one of the people in "panic mode". I calculated the expected fatalities and such. People called me crazy.

But then I saw how the new measures were implemented in RL (contradicting and illogical) and how people talked to each other. I became unsure.

@attilakinali So the problem is fear and anger. And it's in human nature to blame something or someone. I get it.

But can you prove that these people even cause this problems? I'm pretty sure you can't. There's contradicting evidence.

Did you ever consider that the way "your side" is trying to convince people is actually making them more skeptical?

One thing is for certain. We wll know "who was right" in the future. Or maybe both groups are right - like the truth is somewhere in the middle..

@attilakinali Excactly.
Or maybe you don't even try to convince people.
If they are as stupid as you think they are, then there really is no point. And since you are obviously the more intelligent person, that should be obvious? It's weird.

@attilakinali I don't feel personaly insulted.

But sharing stuff like that is bad. It has only one purpose: To stir up hated and feel morally superior!
It's like bullying. If nobody acts, they will continue to bully.

Also that comic doesn't even make any logical sense. The dragon is "almost slain at the beginning". So who did most of the job? Surely not army where most are skeptic of armor?

@attilakinali Yes! And no: Not out of nowhere.
You shared an "innocent" comic about "covidiots". I had to comment on that. As simple as that.

@attilakinali Just leave people be. And don't assume everyone that doesn't agree with your opinion is stupid or less.
It's so arrogant it's not even funny.
So now I'm really done ;) I need a timeout from this shit. As I said: It's pointless.

@attilakinali Of course the NSDAP was socialist. They saw themselves as the "good guys".
Can't be happning today... or can't it?

Of course it's all conspiracy theories (very bad thing obviously). Otherwise it could be true to a point and that can't be.

Most people *don't* think Covid-19 is a hoax. But a lot of people think or say that. It's a method to discredit people. And that is one of the reason with have a lot of problems to begin with. No self awareness. Its really mind boggling.

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