Just deployed the last master and introduced the exploration portal :makibomb:

You can look at it at layer8.space/explore

You can enable it on your profile to appear (condition: > 10 followers)

Just tell me your opinion on it :blobupsidedown:

Just created a "new" theme to fill the whole width of you screen with the columns :makibomb:


Ihr habt jetzt ein "neues" Design zur Auswahl, dass alle Spalten auf volle Bildschirmbreite zieht :makibomb:

🎉 🎉 🎉

For anyone who wants to help me keeping this instance up:

I just created a patreon account @ patreon.com/sammy8806

If you wish to support me with a one-time donation, there's also a PayPal Link on the layer8.space/about/more page

🎉 🎉 🎉

Für alle die mir helfen wollen diese Instanz zu betreiben:

Ich habe jetzt einen Patreon-Account patreon.com/sammy8806

Falls ihr mir nur einmalig unter die Arme greifen wollt, gibt es unter layer8.space/about/more einen PayPal Link

🎉 🎉 🎉

🎉 Welcome to 2.6.0 🎉

Most interesting new features:

- Link ownership verification
- Redesigned forms
- Revamped DMs column
- In-stream link previews

Full changelog here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Here are some new stats:
Users (registered): 605
Users (last 24h): 14
Users (last 7d): 32
Users (last 30d): 81

Toots: 12.568
Connections: 2.400

Go and make some more noise :makibomb:

We're now at 2.6.0rc2 and your old "Direct messages" are now in the spot where they belong again

The upgrades mostly done now and the instance is usable again.

I am deeply sorry for a downtime this long but this had to be done.


Around 23.00 CEST tonight there will be some downtime to layer8.space due to some major os upgrades


And we are bleeding-edge again :makibomb:

Now everybody can highlight other accounts (that they follow) on their own profile pages 🎉

We're now running the new user profiles on layer8.space 😇

(Please look at your Profile, your header-image can now be bigger)

Sorry if you encountered some timeouts the last few hours. 😔 Our hosting-provider (Hetzner) had some problems over the last ~24h

More infos from them: hetzner-status.de

🎉 Welcome to 2.4.1 🎉

Most notable features are
- Delete & Redraft your toots
- More unicode emojis! 🐺

Full changelog here github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Additionally some stats for the archive:
User: 158
Toots: 2.251
Connections: 1.042

Go and make some noise :makibomb:

Here's the update to 2.4.0 on Layer8.Space 🎉

We're get 142 Users (keep it going 😇 ) with around 1400 toots and are connected to 888 other instances.

Like every update: If you encounter problem, just ping me


Willkommen in der Zukunft mit 2.4.0 🎉

Wir haben mittlerweile 142 Benutzer die über 1400 Toots geschrieben haben und sehen 888 Instanzen.

Erzählt doch euren Freunden/Bekannten vom Fediverse (und dieser Instanz :makibomb: )

PS: Check out mastopeek.app-dist.eu/instance for more statistics

Welcome to the freshly released 2.4.0rc1 on Layer8.Space 🎉

We are now at 138 Users with nearly 900 Toots 🎉

If you encounter any problems with the new version please report them to me

Some changes:
- DM column
- Custom emojis in profiles
- Custom profile properties


Willkommen in der Zukunft: 2.4.0rc1 🎉

Wir haben mittlerweile 138 Benutzer und fast 900 Toots! 🎉

Wenn ihr Fehler findet sagt bitte bescheid

Mehr Changelog hier:

Layer8.space is freshly upgraded to 2.3.2 🎉

Additionally a warm welcome to all new Users here. We're now at 46 Users :love:


Layer8.space hat nun frisch to Version 2.3.2 bekommen 🎉

Dazu wünsche ich allen neuen Benutzern ein herzliches Willkommen.
Jetzt sind wir schon 46 Benutzer :love:

layer8.space is now running Mastodon v2.3.1 🎉

The versions seems to get bursted out over the past few weeks. Keep up the good work 👍


layer8.space läuft jetzt auf Version 2.3.1 🎉

Letzte Zeit gibt es relativ viele Updates mit guten Features .. Bleibt am Ball 👍

Happy to report that layer8.space is now rockin the 2.3.0 release :blobpats:

And again a happy welcome to everyone who join recently


Ab jetzt läuft layer8.space mit 2.3.0, welche seit heute verfügbar ist. :blobpats:

Dazu ein "Herzliche Willkommen" an alle, die seit dem letzten Update mit dabei sind.

layer8.space is now running 2.3.0rc1 :linux:
Please report strange behavior if you encounter it

And welcome to everyone who joined recently :blobupsidedown:


layer8.space läuft jetzt auf 2.3.0rc1 :linux:
Bei komischem Verhalten einfach mal melden

Schließlich nochmal ein "Herzlich Willkommen" an alle, die in der letzten Zeit dazu gekommen sind :blobupsidedown:


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