from top: ThinkPad 600X (bought as broken, arrived today in working condition), ThinkPad 600 (had this for a while)

quest for today: merge them into a perfect-condition one and "OK" one.
side quest: WiFi in the perfect one as it has a mPCI slot
#thinkpad #retrocomputing

The people I was playing with were very active over Christmas, but now that we're all back to work its very quiet. I pop online a once or twice a week but I'm not in there often.

Currently wasting a ton of time on Wurm Online, just spent two hours smoothing out paths around our village to make it easier for horses to get around.

@max It takes a TTL MDA video signal but I don't think it would need much of an adapter to get this accepting VGA. I've got an ATI VGA Wonder installed on my AT that lets me run CGA and EGA graphics through my MDA display.

New old stock keyboard has turned up, need a matching mouse now. IBM's old puck mice are tidy but I really do want a scroll wheel.

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