please let's put that cursed thing where it belongs

in the trash

@deFrisselle Good idea, I usually get an Ikea shelf and some Capita legs and make my own.

What is difficult to find now is the stand for dot matrix printers so you can stow their paper below.

I'm so glad I managed to find an original IBM printer stand for sale.

You've worked with a stubborn engineer.

But have you ever worked with an engineer so stubborn, that to get them to use the new OS they're supposed to be working on, you create a custom build of the OS, with the old UI, break into their office, and replace ROMs in their computer?

@brad I'm not much of an enthusiast but I'm a happy ebike user. It makes commuting so easy.

@quarky Yeah, its to reduce the depth of the board to just under EATX.

Just finished chucking a core 2 era dual Xeon system together. Thanks HP for not using a standard 24 pin power connector, I've had to bodge a dongle together to feed some additional 12v power in there.

Web design rant 

Then and now 

@saga I think a lot of people still play with the classic Java edition because its so readily modifiable.

I don't know if the UWP version can connect to those servers.

Nokia N9 is probably the sweetest smartphone ever made, don’t @ me

@digdug I guess the main thing to keep in mind is a "worse is better" approach. If you want to develop an all singing and dancing multimedia "experience" you're going to have a bad time. If you just want to build a more conservative page that delivers information in the easiest way it can then you're going to have much better results.

I'd suggest starting with the absolute basics too, you can add additional features and visual enhancements later and test things one at a time.

@digdug Oh another thing, there's actually the ergonomics of using an old browser to consider, with limited SSL cipher support and most of the root certificates being long expired now I've had to make a few adjustments for IE users. Since this application is a custom front end for a forum its likely that there will be content from many other sites embedded in posts, images, youtube links mostly.

To handle images, I've added a feature that compresses and proxies them to the client via my server.

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