Currently wasting a ton of time on Wurm Online, just spent two hours smoothing out paths around our village to make it easier for horses to get around.

@max It takes a TTL MDA video signal but I don't think it would need much of an adapter to get this accepting VGA. I've got an ATI VGA Wonder installed on my AT that lets me run CGA and EGA graphics through my MDA display.

New old stock keyboard has turned up, need a matching mouse now. IBM's old puck mice are tidy but I really do want a scroll wheel.

@saga I think its because some people find it hard to believe that someone would blow so much money on a degree for something which would not directly make them more employable.

People who took more vocational subjects sometimes get tired of graduates crying about being unemployed and it turns out they spent all that time and money on something which didn't help them.

I don't really have a problem with it, just as long as people realise what they're doing I guess.

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