imagine being discord and just redefining what "server" means to everyone that uses your platform

please let's put that cursed thing where it belongs

in the trash

You've worked with a stubborn engineer.

But have you ever worked with an engineer so stubborn, that to get them to use the new OS they're supposed to be working on, you create a custom build of the OS, with the old UI, break into their office, and replace ROMs in their computer?

Just finished chucking a core 2 era dual Xeon system together. Thanks HP for not using a standard 24 pin power connector, I've had to bodge a dongle together to feed some additional 12v power in there.

Web design rant 

Medicare websites for scheduling appointments shouldn't be hip and fresh with latest design trends. They should have a simple, big, stable and *unchanging* interface that someone who still kind of remembers World War 2 can use without too much of a fuss.

Just, ya know. A thought.

Then and now 

The web in 1995:

> Click on something
> Wait a few seconds while images download
> Readable content

The modern web, especially silo systems:

> Click on something
> Wait multiple seconds while a bunch of ads are blocked and megabytes of javascript downloads
> Something breaks of can't be displayed
> A dialog obscures quarter the screen, asking you to click "yes"
> Inexplicable semi-transparent gray overlay with close button top right
> You are presented with a captcha puzzle

Nokia N9 is probably the sweetest smartphone ever made, don’t @ me

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