After day #13 of I went down a deep spiral of loathing and nothingness. Just briefly, not long. But since that day I've gone from fiddling with CSS to learning about server administration and installing a tiling window manager that made itself the default, throwing you in the deep end and forcing you to learn. And it's been great.

Day 13 of ?? I've lost track and I can say for sure I did not do one bit today. Hip hip hurrah, hip hip hurrah.... 🚶🏻‍♂️

Day 7 of (which was yesterday, do I lose points if I don't toot about it?) - watched part 1/6 of a docker tutorial. Watched part 2/20 of a battleship python tutorial. While youtube-dl managed to download a video I needes, I looked up wget and ffmpg to see if they could solve a problem. I'm currently staring at how many characters I have left 😐

Day 6 of - the last couple of days I did not do much, including today. By missing a day, which is only one hour minimum, you make it harder on yourself to form a habit. I forced myself a bit today, but not nearly enough. I need to pick up the pace tomorrow.

Day 5 of - I watched someone else code for a while 😋

Day 4 of - does setting up an account on mastodon count? :blobcoffee:

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