i've got this huge sprawling west side of me that i just can't even see the end of. where do i go

I would like to hereby christen that relatable feel when you got no money and can't go anywhere or do anything cuz you got them fkin student loans


gave up porn for Lent, and in its place, i reply to every Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweet with a pic of the Hot Pocket i just microwaved. My priest tells me this is healthy behavior

does anybody know where i can get some "it-together" ?

Interesting fact about me: I was once the youngest person in the entire world!

They've already made watermelon cubes how hard could it be to make Corn on the Cube a reality

truck nuts but in non-standard quantities

a single, a triple, a six-pack, baker's dozen, and the "12x12 Gross of Nutz Mega-Sack" for the guy who has everything but a reliable sense of self

it's fucked up just how configurable the human body is right out of the box, just so many features

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fat balls is old news already. fat bottom jeans.....now that's an ok_hand one hundred sign

what the fuck!!! And it's an adaptation of a mood... i have ever spent consuming Simpson's media

@soft Paint them the color of television tuned to a dead channel

this doesn't need repeating but I will do it here (caps) 

@ben deep fried chips.....tastey

mastodon is crumbling. mastodon is falling apart. mastodon's crystal towers are tumbling into the sea. mastodon is shattered, splintered, dissolved. mastodon's seen better days. mastodon could really use a vacation. mastodon's looking a little worse for the wear. mastodon is rode hard and put up wet. mastodon has been weathered by the wind and the waves to a smooth lump. mastodon's wells are all dry. mastodon is trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death

one day i'm gonna post something so fucking stupid that you'll all unfollow me, and THEN i'll be sorry

much like the jokerman i have a tortured backstory involving the entertainment industry (shit my pants in a planet hollywood)

it probably wouldn't be all that difficult to have the largest collection of working iron lungs in the world

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