China is so far ahead of us when it comes to public opinion on bats.

Up at 5 am to get to an airport to go home to a state i dont like?!?! Hell Yeah

Rant. Bullying. Homophobic Redneck 

Just left a friends wedding and apparently since Im a male that was standing on the brides side in the wedding that automatically makes me raging homosexual that deserves to be made fun off by some hicks from the middle of buttfuck nowhere. When did it become a bad thing to support a female friend on the day of her wedding?!

Small spoons are all bottoms
-This Post was made by Big Spoon Gang

Emotional Status: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!”
-Brought to you by Final Exams

“My life ended when I was born.”
-Disney World Employee

Finally finished Red Dead 2 so now i got like a month of mastadon, music releases, and civilization to catch up on. Whats the terrible tragedy in the news this week haha

Kinda politics. Dumb Classmate 

Prof.: “Come up with something that may help solve the Israel-Palestine conflict with peace.”

Classmate: “War!”

Sometimes i forget how dumb people can be but I always get reminded

Its days like today that make me laugh when people say I need 30 mins. of direct sunlight. Even the shade is running for cover

New Boss: “Hey come in for your first shift at 12 so we can train ya”
Me: *Shows up*
Boss/Coworkers: “HA he thought we worked today”

Spider-Man was an amazing game and all buut Im still waiting on a Daredevil Game (I know, I know, it’ll never happen 😢)

The only thing that makes jamming to some Heavy Metal better is knowing that at least 1/3 of the other students here would say im goin to hell or sinning by listening to it

Small College Rant (Books) 

One of the biggest Day-to-Day issued I have with the college system is that there is no chance to read books of your own choosing. It opens us to a world of different concepts and knowledge in countless books but doesnt let you read them unless it agrees with the specific agenda of the professor.

I always forget how cringey an average conversation between university students is until im back for the semester

Literally no parking spot available on University Campus..
University President:”We DoNt HaVE a ParKiNG PrObLem wE HaVE a WaLKinG pRoBleM”

Been a real solid day after gettin fired/quitting. Moved into an apartment saw the squad after months and got a strong lead on a new job!! Sometimes good things happen to good people 😄

“If we have time to wank, and time to smoke that dank. Then we have time to give God thanks”. A beautiful work of poetry

Cause @lowfatsin reminded me. Just a reminder for yall that canonically Moses from the Bible parted the Red Sea with a bey-blade

@lolraid it be like that sometimes, but thanks man. And yeah I was working grounds crew at my University, so everything from mowin lawns, pullin weeds to moving trees, boulders, and modular buildings

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