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Warum Post, Bank und Co. ihre Kunden nicht zwingen sollten, Apps zu benutzen

Immer mehr wichtige Dienste erfordern, dass die Nutzer ein Smartphone haben und proprietäre Apps installieren. Warum dies der falsche Weg in die digitale Zukunft ist. Ein Kommentar.

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instances shutting down demonstrate the resilience of this network. this is my... sixth account? i get to keep my follows and my blocklist. everyone who interacts with me finds me again quickly. its fine

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👋 Hello new users! Great to have you on board. 🙇

✅ Before you begin we advise you to edit your profile, create a bio and upload an avatar.

✅ Than it's time for your first post! Use the hashtag #introduction to introduce yourself.

✅ Now follow some users, some will probably follow you back when they like your introduction and bio. You find users on the local and (especially) the federated timeline. Also take a peek in the follower lists of people you follow.


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An euch LaTeX Nerds hier, was sind denn so eure 0815 Templates für eine einfache Präsentation (für die Schule)?


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To anybody new to Mastodon 

Just start tooting (posting) legit anything. Throw whatever into the void and see what people respond to.

Also, check your local timeline. This is the timeline for everything everybody is posting on your instance, not just people you have chosen to follow (that being your home timeline).

There's also the federated timeline, which is everything from everybody everywhere. Not a terrible idea to check this out from time to time.

Last thing: Have fun and be yourself!

Keybase Proofs are now live here at :makibomb:

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Kurze Frage an alle Mitmusiker:
Kennt jemand eine Software, die man auf der Bühne nutzen kann um ein Metronom abzuspielen? Vorzugsweise mit der Möglichkeit, die eigenen Songs abzuspeichern und ggf. Sogar mit einer Setlist.

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I updated the follows & followers page. "Abandoned" filter has been renamed to "Moved", and "Active" to "Primary", I have added a "Dormant" filter to get accounts that haven't posted in a month

I have to do some maintenance in the coming hours (probably from ~01:15 UTC+1)

It shouldn't be too long this time around ... (maybe ~1hour)

Updates: @Sammy8806 on birdsite

Do you like the new version/update?

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I really hope no instances out there rely on TLS 1.0 or 1.1 🧐
#Tusky will stop supporting TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and start supporting TLS 1.3 with the next major release. 😋
Admins, upgrade your configs 🤓

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Automatische Crosspostings fühlen sich wie Cheaten und Plattformbetrug an. Da bin ich so chauvinistisch, dass ich lieber native Tröts faven möchte, als solche, die von drüben kommen und für deren Autor:in das hier nur lieblose Reichweitenvergrößerung darstellt. So was will ich eigentlich nicht belohnen.

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