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Some days ago I learned: Epyc really doesn't like non registered memory 😔

(That was *not* intentional .. I just ordered the wrong RAM)

The maintenance is mostly finished.

There's just one job still running, so there should be no more outages (I hope)

I will be doing some required maintainance at tonight (24.12.2020) at around 23.00 CET

Should not take too long

@thomas Also bei mir hat das einige Jahre wunderbar funktioniert. Bis ich eine aktuelle FritzBox bekommen habe (die alte konnte noch kein VDSL). Seit dem wollte das mit dem PPPoE-Passthough nicht mehr so gut 😔

Schreib also gern mal ob es funktioniert hat

If you don't know market prices and don't know anything about tech: please ask somebody who knows

You don't get 2TB external SSDs for 75€ for now

@tux0r Klingt im erstem Moment nach einer 0 im Unix-Timestamp feld :makibomb:

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@quad @brad I've run ntfs AND btrfs in my storage server for several year until I had the change to upgrade the whole system

You: ZFS isn't perfect
Me: You're right, but at least it isn't btrfs :makibomb:

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@Wimpy I just ran that against my Windows based 3080 build ... that seems wrong against a 3090 OC?

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