Welcome v3.1.0rc1 🎉

Most interesting feature: Server-Wide announcements

@goblin Well, you mostly can. This is somewhat described at docs.joinmastodon.org/user/mov

(Sidenote: Most germans here can probably also read/write in englisch just fine)

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Does anybody on here have a Behringer UMC 1820 by any chance? Because I can't get microphones to work when using 6,3 mm Jack

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fedora vs. arch(based)
for desktop/laptop/notebook
pls boost, thx!

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PSA: das kartenterminal der voba leipzig beim globus an der messe lässt sich verdächtig weit hin und her wackeln. #36c3

@Mestral yep, also great if it's pushed a bit faster :blobuwu: (it's not legal here to use at all, so I can flash it without hesitation :blobupsidedown: )

Sooo .... layer8.space ist zum größten Teil wieder online

Bis morgen früh wird es wahrscheinlich Probleme mit Bildern geben, diese sollten sich dann aber von selbst lösen (da ist noch 'n Job am laufen)


So .. layer8.space is mostly online again.

Until tomorrow morning there problably will be some problems with random media objects because there's still a fixing job running (which takes forever)

Heute ab ca 22.00 (UTC+1) wird layer8.space auf einen neuen Host umgezogen. Hierbei wird es die Nacht über zu Störungen kommen.


Today at ~22.00 (UTC+1) layer8.space will be moved to a new host. This will bring some interruptions which will hopefully be resolved in the following hours

@armiit Thanks 😇
Then a warm welcome on the fediverse and have fun here🎉

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@Pixdigit Hey,
yep, it would be a nice idea, absolutely ... But I'm in the progress of planning a migration to a new host-maschine which is absolutely going first :makibomb: (and is also more needed)

Whoops .. that jump was further than expected.

Layer8.space is now at v3.0.0rc1 :makibomb:

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What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

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