@memoryleakx well, Mastodon already has support for the proofs, but I think it's still unclear how to get added on Keybase.

If you know more how to get added, you're Welcome :blobuwu:

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@quad @kurisu @thatbrickster And also the answer to this whole thing was for me to build a linux/jack box for recording with spotify and for playlists to play some music (as background/break)

@kurisu @thatbrickster @quad I don't want to use it but .. thomann.de/de/denon_dn_200br.h
But I'm not even shure about stuff like AptX or AAC in this devices

(Also what do you expect when even phones doesn't have a headphone jack anymore)

@quad @kurisu @thatbrickster Yeah, but only for that .. the amount of adapters and dongles required for live-audio gear is getting kinda over the top (bt receivers are really NOT cheap with XLR-Out) 😇

@wiktor Sure ;)
The timeouts are related to too long running db-queries. An improvement is in the works. When you let it run for some time after the request failed the cache should be filled and should answer instantly.

And more/less it's there. mastopeek-api.app-dist.eu/vers

Not directly the software, but the list of versions for the softwares.

(List of softwares is noted .. I'll put it in the next release)

@wiktor Ahh, now I see :makibomb:
Sure, I can blacklist your domain.
(There is also a version which looks how long a instance is not providing useful endpoints to be considered "dead"in the works)

If somebody finds a nice idea for these kinds of problems just give me hint 😇

@wiktor Hey,
yeah sure (just write me like you did).
But you are happily providing node-info which doesn't really trigger any statistic-gathering after what is provided in the node-info document.

This more/less just shows the availability in the whole network (even though it doesn't have a graph on the website yet)

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Kurze Frage an alle Mitmusiker:
Kennt jemand eine Software, die man auf der Bühne nutzen kann um ein Metronom abzuspielen? Vorzugsweise mit der Möglichkeit, die eigenen Songs abzuspeichern und ggf. Sogar mit einer Setlist.

@snder @Gargron that feature isn't live yet. If I remember correctly, then it go live around the 8th April on the Keybase side

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mastodon.social folks:

I updated the follows & followers page. "Abandoned" filter has been renamed to "Moved", and "Active" to "Primary", I have added a "Dormant" filter to get accounts that haven't posted in a month


Work should be done ...
Happy tooting :makibomb:

I have to do some maintenance in the coming hours (probably from ~01:15 UTC+1)

It shouldn't be too long this time around ... (maybe ~1hour)

Updates: @Sammy8806 on birdsite

Do you like the new version/update?

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I really hope no instances out there rely on TLS 1.0 or 1.1 🧐
#Tusky will stop supporting TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and start supporting TLS 1.3 with the next major release. 😋
Admins, upgrade your configs 🤓

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Automatische Crosspostings fühlen sich wie Cheaten und Plattformbetrug an. Da bin ich so chauvinistisch, dass ich lieber native Tröts faven möchte, als solche, die von drüben kommen und für deren Autor:in das hier nur lieblose Reichweitenvergrößerung darstellt. So was will ich eigentlich nicht belohnen.

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