@chucker Already tried .. neither 44.1, 48 nor 96kHz are working as designed.

But thanks for the try

Grr ... Apple ...

Macbook 14" M1Pro

USB2-Audio with at least 2 different interfaces crackle while playing something (no, that's not a fireplace)

Any ideas?

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An die IT-Admin unter uns:

Womit dokumentiert Ihr Eure IT-Umgebung?

Benutzt Ihr verschiedene Tools oder eine Suite?
Benutzt Ihr verschiedene Dateiformate wie Excel-Listen oder Word?

Thema DSMS und ISMS


Just build some caching that "worked" the first time and doesn't seem to be completely broken ...

Ehh, let's see how long it takes until a strange edge-case arrives that breaks it :makibomb: 😇

@k @hj Strange
I've just look a bit into it and there is a limit at ~10MB for images, so I'm guessing it should be ~9.53MiB.

And every image that was not loaded properly seemed to be over that limit.

The thing that seems strange, is that the media-proxy doesn't work ... I have to look into that more before I can say something

@k @hj Hmm, strange ... Can't really tell you why, but I can't look at the logs atm.

Your instance has about 280M attachments stored here in the last 30 days, so at least something has to work

@ayylmaonade Welcome to the fediverse :makibomb:

I hope you're having fun

@k Not really to big in itself, but I think I have to make some changes in the future.

It's mostly some housekeeping and some other internal changes.

My guess atm is, that the load on the storage for my entire host (which also hosts other stuff) is a bit too much

@k It shouldn't really have ..
I've kicked against the sidekiq which was using more ram than usual I think.

I hope it now behaves better

@benny @milan @koyuchan @Gargron

Hmm ... gute Frage, es könnte helfen 'nen pgBouncer dazwischen zu schalten zum etwas RAM bei den Postgres-Verbindungen zu sparen.

Oder halt auch, dem nginx etwas caching bei zu bringen

Die größere Frage ist ja, ob du irgendwo z.B. beim Abarbeiten der Queue oder bei den Request-Zeiten Auffälligkeiten hast

@benny @milan @koyuchan @Gargron

Ich fass mal kurz zusammen:
Layer8.space: ~1.5k regs (~250 active atm)

3 Cores, 12G Ram

STREAMING_CLUSTER_NUM=1 (hat bisher gereicht)

Sidekiq: -c 60

proxy_cache_valid 200 7d;

pgbouncer in use, single psql in the same vm

monitoring mit datadog (manchmal echt nützlich)

manche settings mögen etwas überzogen sein ... nehme gerne Vorschläge entgegen :)

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Hey Fediverse experts, is there an app like Buffer or Hootsuite that works for Mastodon? Asking for a friend.

(That friend is @thunderbird)

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I am ridiculously excited to announce my new role: Marketing Manager for !

I'll be helping out with comms on social media (including here at Mastodon), crafting content for the website, and handling the Thunderbird newsletter.

Here's to making email better together!

@leonidloew Yep, das passiert leider relativ schnell.
Das ist leider der nachteil davon, wirklich ALLES anzunehmen.

@leonidloew Aber vielleicht haben ja @milan oder @leah noch Ideen ob es noch aktive deutsche Relays gibt

@leonidloew Ja, ist es irgendwie auch.

Gerade für Deutsch fällt mir leider nicht wirklich was ein. Könnte mal Zeit werden sowas auf zu setzen 😄

@leonidloew @schipplock @Jochen_Jansen Ja, richtig. ABER es gibt dazu noch das Konzept von Relays.

Alle Instanzen die einem Relay beigetreten sind, sehen die öffentlichen Beiträge aller Instanzen die ebenfalls beigetreten sind.

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@fleischie28 Oh, it really is/was broken: github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p

I've cherry-picked the fix until the next release comes around.

It only was a display-error, so your alias was already successfully created

@fleischie28 Ahh, sorry I thought you meant something else .. (that would've fit to aliases and time)

You should be able to configure aliases to move into this instance under: layer8.space/settings/aliases

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