Would love to buy a Sony a6400 .. has anyone a better idea? (or price?) ... looking at ~920€ here

- 4k/30p (at least)
- hdmi out for live image (external recording
- no overheating
- good autofocus (also while in video-recording)
- powersave can be disabled (no shutdown when idle)

@algore @algore imo: 3a because it's the native android with pixel features and not samsungs one-ui

I've setup a instance for the first time. That thing really :makibomb:

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OH: ffmpeg mit -filter_complex ist das Perl der multimedia tools.

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@gebrauchskunst Jein, es gibt etwas Einführung auf Englisch docs.joinmastodon.org/user/pro .. Aber sonst bedient es sich fast wie Twitter

@sqozz @mastopeek Thanks for the notice ..
It seems that my pages-daemon killed itself

Thanks for the nice :makibomb:

Welcome v3.1.0rc1 🎉

Most interesting feature: Server-Wide announcements

@goblin Well, you mostly can. This is somewhat described at docs.joinmastodon.org/user/mov

(Sidenote: Most germans here can probably also read/write in englisch just fine)

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Does anybody on here have a Behringer UMC 1820 by any chance? Because I can't get microphones to work when using 6,3 mm Jack

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fedora vs. arch(based)
for desktop/laptop/notebook
pls boost, thx!

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