@elomatreb @frumble Naja, nicht nur das. Fast jedes moderne Auto kommt gleich mit eigenem LTE-Modem und passender eSIM. Dagegen ist eCall noch harmlos.

Erinnerung: Es gibt Telematiktarife bei unseren Versicherungen

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Wer weiß, wie ich unter #UTM auf #MacOS auf dem #MacBook-Pro mit #M1- Prozessor das #Netzwerk aktiviert bekomme? Habe mir die #Debian #VM runtergeladen aber bekomme irgendwie damit keine #Netzwerkverbindung. Debian sagt, die Netzwerkverbindung sei aktiv.

@t_aus_m Hey, klingt echt gut.
Ihr könnt mich gern mit einladen @Sammy8806:matrix.org oder sagen, wo ich den finde :makibomb:

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Perhaps Unix fans wouldn’t espouse simplicity of implementation as much if programming in C didn’t feel like walking on thin ice covered in egg shells and broken glass.

Wait ... they are using what?!

I expect a spammer; But it's from a Chinese firm, so it wouldn't surprise me

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#FediverseMetrics 2021 #MastoPoll. To all #Mastodon / #Fediverse users:

On which continent/region are you?
Sur quel continent êtes-vous ?
Auf welchem Kontinent sind Sie?
¿En qué continente estás?
Em que continente você está?
في أي قارة أنت؟
На каком вы континенте?
In quale continente ti trovi?
Na jakim jesteś kontynencie?
आप किस महाद्वीप पर हैं?
Je! Uko bara gani?
در کدام قاره هستید؟
어느 대륙에 있습니까?
Sur kiu kontinento vi estas?

#Poll #Vote #FediPoll #MastodonPolls

@killyourfm Usually input-lag (so framerate). Because I absolutely can't stand slow or sluggish inputs.

I also prefer to turn down the texture-quality last, because I think that's one of the most noticable changes.

BUT: "I want it all"
[Send using a RTX 3080]

@manusaurio You don't always need to be registered on it. You can for example see the public timeline under the "/public" link. So for example: layer8.space/public .

But yeah, you can absolutely search for the instance that you think, suits you the most and post there unlisted. Also there are some instances that have disabled federation.

@manusaurio @ryan Basically the federated timeline shows anything, that is followed by someone on your instance.
Additionally there are so called "Relays", that replicate posts to from/to every instance it is connected to.

Exception to this are blocked domains by you or the admins or posts that are written as "non-public" (so dm, follow-only, unlisted).

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"Deswegen haben wir das ja jetzt in der Excel drinnen" 😔

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TIL: ip6tables kann auf Interface Identifier matchen:

ip6tables -A FORWARD -p tcp -d ::caff:feee:2342:cafe/-64 -j ACCEPT

(erlaube TCP-Traffic zum Host mit IP <prefix>:caff:feee:2342:cafe)

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Ich habe am Dienstag eine Online-Klausur bei der immer nur einer gleichzeitig auf Klo darf.

@cassidyjames That's absolutely true :makibomb: Would love to try it, but 1k€ is not really "testing" for me.

I've mostly been mostly on L/T Thinkpads, "Gaming-Laptop" and some Budget devices.

With Linux and Win everything from palm-rejection, gestures, precision is sooo much worse than my 2013 macbook with osx (and also some newer ones I tried)

Unpopular Opinion:

Only a mac has something that is worthy the "TRACKpad" ... Everything else is better replaced with a mouse

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