What is the version of Android on your main device?

@RyunoKi I don't believe that is currently implemented as described.

You can search for tags and it will display the posts, that the instance you're searching on has seen.

You can look into the open issues at github.com/mastodon/mastodon/i and write something up,

The biggest challenge for that specific one is the UI/UX I think. So if you've got ideas for that, then nobody will complain :makibomb:

@RyunoKi There's an API for just about anything. Try to look for the "outbox" in layer8.space/@RyunoKi.json
There should be everything you need (even without any auth)

For more API-Endpoints there's documentation at: docs.joinmastodon.org/methods/

For the discovery bit:

There's a lot of people on the federated timeline (that's everybody that is followed from this instance or is posting to the same relay)

Most of the time (it has the be enabled) you can look at the public timeline of other instances

@elomatreb @frumble Habe layer8.space auf ~8G RAM am laufen .. aber noch ohne Elastic

Die sind gut ausgelastet (genauso wie auch die 3 CPU Kerne)

Each Mastodon instance has its own optional custom emoji. They work across the Fediverse, and you'll sometimes see them on other people's posts.

Custom emoji appear in your instance's emoji picker (😂) just above the standard emoji.

If you have good ideas for custom emoji, try asking your instance admin if they could add them :drake_like:

(You can find your instance admin by clicking on "About this server" at the bottom left of the screen)

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Emoji #FediTips #Fediverse

@Pixdigit @unascribed First: Sounds like a nice projct!

But it sounds like mostly run by one person. For this instance I don't want to rely on other single-person projects to stay online.

In the future this may be an interesting idea to work on. Something like a "kinda" federated cdn/storage project

@ij Habe nie gesagt, dass es viele sind :makibomb:

Hauptsächlich ich allein. Hatte hauptsächlich auf die ~400 vs ~200 clean mails geguckt

Und ja, ich bin froh nicht jede Welle ab zu bekommen


@killyourfm How good does the trackpad work? How many fingers are tracking? Does it feel smooth?

@milan Würde mich auch interessieren. Vor allem einen, der Verfügbarkeiten von anderen Personen zum Planen anzeigen kann :makibomb: (Ich weiß, immer diese Groupware-Features)

Wobei ich den Thunderbird-Kalender noch ganz benutzbar finde (bis auf ein paar kleine Bugs)

I'm playing with Vert.X and Kotlin
And it seems kinda easy to build a multi threaded/distributed app :blobcoffee:

@reinerh @vatbub I'm just guessing but additional stuff is probably loaded via gstatic

@byteturtle Just as expected: Japan and "outdated" media again.
But good music is still good music :makibomb:

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Assuming you had the choice where to work from after the pandemic.. What would you choose (and why)? [poll]

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