Now offset everything juuuust slightly so you can't really tell unless you stare at the pixels.
Why? Don't really know, twas just the first thought that popped into my head. Nice logo though, certainly invokes that neutral, somewhat bland-ish accounting vibe 👍

Once BD manages to make these things reasonably robust they're pretty much battlefield ready.
Slap on a gun and everything else becomes more or less a software problem.



Meanwhile, HN is doing its best to defend and hype this crap because it makes it certainly easier to pump out poorly thought out apps, mostly bypassing the ecosystem (and those grumpy open source people and their weird standards!!111) while looking kinda sorta legit.

lmao, and I really mean it
I need a butt replacement now.

Well, I guess it works.


And you get a nuclear button! And you get a nuclear button! And you! And you! And yBLAM!


Protip: Just don't try to network your microwave over wifi.



/$$__ $$
| $$ \ $$
| $$$$$$$$
| $$ __ $$
| $$ | $$
| $$ | $$
|__/ |__/


a A a À Á Â Ã Ä Å à á â ã ä å ɑ Α α а Ꭺ A a

Having a fever is really enhancing my enjoyment of music...

I might be dying lol.


debugger invoked on a UNBOUND-VARIABLE in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {10005E05B3}>:
The variable MASTODON is unbound.

When you accidentally grab the dynamite instead of shells.

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