Once BD manages to make these things reasonably robust they're pretty much battlefield ready.
Slap on a gun and everything else becomes more or less a software problem.


Having a fever is really enhancing my enjoyment of music...

I might be dying lol.

It's Saturday night an I'm having complex feelings about unicode.

Want to know what your face looks like in 5 years? Just stop sleeping for a while!

Catching some early sleep or bathing my brain in coffee to stay awake for another 5 hours?

Midnight is simultaneously the time when I'm starting to wake up fully and also when I'm forced to fall asleep because work tomorrow.
It's kind of fucked.

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Anyone know where I'd get a hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator on the cheap?

Is there a service to check out what lists you got put on due to prolonged Wikipedia dives?

Dear spook organizations, please ignore my curiosity when it comes to high explosives and destructive devices in general. It's not what it looks like, I swear to your mom.

Started listening to Death Grips meme mashups again.

...oh no.

This place is the missing link between the original DOOM and OS/2

Toot too long? Just apply compression! 


I think I undersold the absolute insanity of what's going on in this talk.
>Commander Keen's Softdisk Library Format
>Spidermonkey being part of FW
>fakeurl1234.com/ (lmao)

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If someone wants to know the ins and outs of exploiting a printer over FAX. Because that's still a thing on this rock for whatever reasons.


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