As I'm working on I was wondering what is more important to you for picking a project to potential contribute to:

@RyunoKi Many people have already mentioned that the community around a project is a major factor. So some ideas (a bit hard to implement but still): there could be a filter "by types of contributions needed" (requires tracking which projects have i.e. open issues with labels "for begginers", "first contribution" etc), which ones have translation platforms (my first contribution ever was translating diaspora* strings).


I was thinking about it.

If it won't be part of that delightful list I'm consuming here, I could query GitHub (which hasn't been given up on by most projects yet) for additional information.

However, this being a static build I'd need to have a cronjob to have somewhat up-to-date information.

Client-side queries would result in rate limits, I suppose.

Might be an idea to build badges 🤔

Especially soft criteria like culture are hard to determine programmatically.

I could look for presence of certain files like

But mentoring etc is next to impossible if not done manually.

@RyunoKi Yes, my idea is hard to automate. Alas, many things in Fedi need manual labour. Even delightful lists are curated manually ;) I think a Fedi board where Fedi maintainers can post about their current needs (logo, translations, text, code contributions) is a nice thing to have. Focused calls for help would be appealing to those who might want to help but hesitate where to start. Can be published via Fedi, using special tag, then aggregated same way as does.

@lightone @RyunoKi

> Even delightful lists are curated manually

I have this long-standing idea to essentially reverse the burden of manual aggregation and only have a Review workflow. A Push rather than Pull Publish/Subscribe like process.

Mentioned the idea in many places, but will transfer to Social Coding forum. It lends itself for federation and has numerous use cases.

This is one of the places:

(Note: Murmurations only demonstrates the concept)

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