Thinking of management with upcoming support in I am spending time on .

On an episode of the StackOverflow podcast I learned about (another episode from this month recommended another blocking tool that looks at favs on a tweet to determine the accounts to block).

Being an ongoing discussion I think, filtering like on Mastodon might be a sensible approach.

I want to hear other opinions.


Especially from people identifying not as male and people of colour, content moderation is important because we have way too much harassment online.

Now is a good time because we haven't implemented much yet. (Only non-federated issues, where moderation can take place on an instance level).

The current state is writing down use cases and exploring approaches using penpot.

Let me know (happily via DM if you prefer) if you are interested!

@RyunoKi not sure what you want to know, but I feel that instances blocking harassing instances already makes the Fediverse a relatively safe space by design.. and that's why it took so much time for me to pick an instance, which feels safe and has a good grade of "maintenance" regarding their block list.

Blocking by favs may not be as useful as on Twitter, since favs are used less.

The most annoying thing to me is with its tons of unaware users..

@RyunoKi filtering is and always was tricky, on Twitter as well as here since it's difficult to filter only specific contents..

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