Social contract info a neighbor just learned the hard way:

at least the US, if you put stuff at the end of your driveway/on the curb, with or without a sign, it’ll be interpreted as “free”

Maybe not like a bike you just parked but other stuff? If you don’t have a sign / you don’t have obvious signs to the contrary… yeah.

@platypus me as a high schooler used to drive around SPECIFICALLY looking for free piles


We have days here in Germany for picking up these kind of trash.

The night in-between the stuff being placed and picked up sees mysterious wandering of items…

I _think_ legally it would be theft. But good luck finding the thief…

@RyunoKi @VickyRampin The week before our big day, we literally have trucks with trailers crawling all over looking for anything good in big trash pick up. But also again I don’t know what the rules are but it is very much socially understood that that’s cool.

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