I wouldn't go amiss to mention an important aspect regarding : .

That is the mindset, that there is an „ideal body” and everything that derives from it needs fixing.

Instead, disabilities can be considered a social hindrance.
That also mean, you cannot fix it with tech. Instead, I'd rather point to youtube.com/watch?v=gm7U1iXLCZ during .


That is, we are all human after all.
So we should listen, especially to those in need.

There is this proverb in the disability community:

> Not about us without us.

All to often, I see abled people making assumptions about how disabled folks will use something. And designing not to their interests as a result.

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Disabled people often organise themselves in associations (or similar). If you want to talk to them, search for it.

As a company, you might want to go contract instead. There are agencies offering services, too.

The Paciello Group springs to my mind first.
But I also saw others like Knowbility (a NGO in the States).

What I struggle with the most:
I'm white, cis, male, developer with a decent income.

In other words: Privileged.

So … should I hold myself back? Leave the agency to others?

When I talked about it with some disabled friends, they convinced me to instead seize the privilege I hold.

Like, demand change. Because I hold some level of power and influence others don't. So use it for good.

I'm not sure, have you heard of Sheltered workshops before?

Here in Germany we call them „Werkstätten für Menschen mit Behinderungen”:

They employ people with disabilities (which is great!) but usually pay not even minimal wage (booh!).

I mean, those are still humans. Why not pay them a living wage?
Aren't they worth it?

We don't have Universal Basic Income yet.

So given that the work market is dire for them, I see disabled people trying to hide their disability as good as they can.

Or disclose it as late as possible.

For example, I have a friend who is amazing in security! I can learn so much from that person. But it is difficult to find a job. 40 hours per week is not doable. Even the time right now can only be uphold by taking in medics.

What kind of society is this?

That being said, I enjoy the community here on fediverse.

It could be more diverse, true. But the mindset of reminding each other on image description (or transcripts for audio etc) is a great direction to head into.

Remember the „tech cannot fix social issues” above?

Well, of course some market players try nonetheless.

With so called „accessibility layers” that claim to fix all accessibility issues for you so you are compliant to laws in your jurisdiction. One of them is called accessiBe.

Turns out, that this doesn't work. (Surprise!)
adrianroselli.com/2020/06/acce is an extensive documentation (with Cease and Desist Order and everything).

Wrapping up this subject: there are tools that can help you spot accessibility issues. But you also need human review.

I can share some tips and tricks if you are interested. But I would rather prefer that you contract an expert for this (if you can afford).

@Pixdigit Nope, there have been documented cases where they don't.

Like, earning a few euros per hour.

Worse: companies contracting sheltered workshop use it for PR that they're doing good work by employing disabled people.

Caused quite some outrage in the disabled community.

In the morning (European time) I already mentioned some fee companies pay for not hiring disabled people. Also a thread starting with GAAD.

@RyunoKi This has always baffled me. Just like the cheap labor in prisons. It's a lazy and cowardly way for companies to optimize profits, if you ask me. Because who would care to listen to a prisoner or a disabled person? It's depressing, honestly. 😞

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