First impressions are everything!

We're redesigning instance landing pages, some highlights include:

✨ Modern design
⚡ Feature overview
✨ Customizable text fields
⚡ About page w/ custom html
✨ Improved Onboarding
⚡ Clearer instance rules

We want your feedback, admins please let us know what you want or would like to see!

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed


Hm, what is the contrast in the login form?

My gut feeling: it's too law for (accessibility).

Using placeholder is an antipattern in as there will be people who think it's already filled.
Put a label above and leave the field blank.

As this is likely your primary area, use some accent to draw attention to it?

@RyunoKi Thanks for the feedback! We'll work on improving the contrast and fix the form labels.

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