ActivityPub is not the only Fediverse protocol in town. Zot also allows decentralized social media.—and it has a game-changing feature: nomadic identity. 🏈

This is my experience using it 🧵

1. Nomadic identity is my holy grail of decentralized social media. In a previous life, I worked on one attempt. Many have tried and failed.

So the fact Zot is not a proof of concept, and can actually be used by anyone is huge.

2. If you want to know why I'm excited about Zot's implementation of nomadic identity, take a look at this screen shot.

Notice anything missing? A password field! A channel address is all that's needed for authentication.

3. What makes Zot particularly nomadic is the ability to clone your channel. Upload a file or enter in credentials from another channel, and now you have true redundancy across multiple sites.

4. Mastodon's big weakness is that it has a class system: admins and users. Admins own user personas, toots, personal data. This creates a hierarchy.

Nomadic identity, as implemented in Zot, fixes this problem.


Well, the „ideal“ solution would be here for everyone to have their own instance.

Which in turn creates another segmentation because one needs skills and money to run it.
Let alone time for keeping it up to date.

@RyunoKi This is true, and it's a problem Hubzilla is encountering now. There are fewer instances now than a year ago. I just installed my own instance, so that somewhat betters the odds of survival but I make no guarantees for long term service.

@RyunoKi @atomicpoet But even that needs to be able to adapt to domain name changes, etc. That's the real holy grail of universal identity. The "unique" name is the UUID which the network knows how to map to a particular position's particular instance at any time. I'm not sure which if any solutions get that far yet. If one does could that be grafted onto the existing fediverse?

Could as well go back to maintain hosts file locally 🙃

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