Your audience is your most valuable asset.
Never put a firewall between you and your audience.
Never trust a third party to handle all communications: you could be dismissed at any time.
Use decentralized platforms.
Get an app from
(Listen to “Podcasting 2.0” with @dave & @adam every Friday.)

@benjaminbellamy @dave @adam

Also use Castopod to self-host your own podcast if your host allows for it!

@RyunoKi @chrislw @benjaminbellamy @dave @adam The install instructions at look compatible, but we haven't tested them yet. I'll give it a try in the next couple of days.

@hallo @RyunoKi @benjaminbellamy @dave @adam

Uberspace, I had no idea who you guys were but I checked out your website and really like your business model! Great idea to have flexible payments, almost a Value for Value style system.

@chrislw @hallo @benjaminbellamy @dave @adam It is!

As student, I started out on the lower price segment (great to have the option!).

Since a few months, I am on the top-tier + extra space to compensate for it.

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