@Gargron I've had an account here for several years, but I've rarely used it, because the people I interact with aren't here. Maybe I just need to make some new friends. 😀

I found at least some mutuals here, which eased the transition.

Might be a good moment to ask friends for mail address via DM on Twitter in case they move elsewhere?

@RyunoKi @Gargron
i know of a couple, but one said "Mastodon is too much work. It might be the solution, but I doubt it", and the good communities I know that have given up on Facebook and Twitter have all moved to Discord.

Discord bothers me because I find the channel structure a bit overwhelming, and of course they are in buyout talks with Microsoft.


They are?

Hm, but the spoiler feature is nice.

@RyunoKi @Gargron Correction. I just did a news search. They WERE in buyout talks with Microsoft last year., but couldn't reach an agreement.

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