Hey #fediverse, I published something: iooioio.xyz

This is the beginning of my #digitalgarden. It's terrible in every way imaginable (and most of all: empty) but I want to finally get out of the habit of keeping everything to myself until it's perfect (hint: it never is).

I hope to develop this over time.

Oh and despite all its shortcomings and the complete lack of content... I kinda like it. :)

Source: codeberg.org/iooioio/digitalga


This is a big step for me actually and kinda scary. It's so... unfinished, it almost hurts.

Thanks to all the great folks here who continue to inspire me.

I couldn't possibly make a complete list but some who immediately come to mind are:

@neauoire @kev @freedcreative @celia @aral @ritualdust @Cheeseness @joel @sejo

There are so many more...

@iooioio 💜💜

Excited to see how this space grows. :)


@celia First time I hear about that this is a thing.

Can I copy the idea? 🥺

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