Okay, cool.
So is a thing on Mastodon.


Let me introduce myself.
I'm André, but mostly known as Ryuno-Ki (dashes aren't allowed for signup here).

I work as Software Engineer in Germany. My tech stack revolves around Python and web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

I have a broad range of interests. Since a while I plan to migrate away from Twitter so hopefully I can settle down here for microblogging.

Hit me up if you have questions 🙂

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@RyunoKi Welcome to this corner of the german Internet 👋

@Sammy8806 Woah, hey Sammy!

I feel honoured to meet you.

I'm German myself and looked into trying out Mastodon for some time now.

I've got some questions:
how can I request toots from outside the network? (API? Feed?)
I want to show a „latest toot“ on my website.

How can I discover new content?
I recall from diaspora* (I'm still having an account on Geraspora) that there were some suggestions for newcomers.
I had to look for the newhere hashtag here, because it was not suggested.

Once I entered some hashtags I want to write about I would like to see some suggestions of fellow folks sharing it.
Is that possible on Mastodon?
(Happy to fill issues somewhere if you prefer).

I'm feeling a little bit lost right now.

@RyunoKi I don't believe that is currently implemented as described.

You can search for tags and it will display the posts, that the instance you're searching on has seen.

You can look into the open issues at and write something up,

The biggest challenge for that specific one is the UI/UX I think. So if you've got ideas for that, then nobody will complain :makibomb:

@Sammy8806 Thanks.
I will take a look once I got some spare time.

@RyunoKi There's an API for just about anything. Try to look for the "outbox" in
There should be everything you need (even without any auth)

For more API-Endpoints there's documentation at:

For the discovery bit:

There's a lot of people on the federated timeline (that's everybody that is followed from this instance or is posting to the same relay)

Most of the time (it has the be enabled) you can look at the public timeline of other instances

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