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@devinprater Also iOS isn’t going to sit still, like Android has for the past decade of accessibility advancements. Damn, iOS has a feature where you can change the pronounciation of a word not just by typing in a replacement, but by speaking, and it’ll be transcribed into a phonetic representation of what you said. That’s called paying attention, and Google should have learned it long ago.

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#followerpower Anyone knows a lightweight web/desktop based client for #mastodon and #friendica that supports multiple accounts merged into one timeline? I do have such things on Android but it seems difficult in the browser...

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"This is a map-drawing game. You collectively explore the struggles of a small community trying to transition from extractive technologies, economies, knowledges and practices and build a new way of living. It is a game about community, difficult choices, solarpunk dreams and anti-capitalist futures. Players will narrate the events of the community and the groups within it as it struggles to overcome the many challenges of climate change and the transition away from capitalism and control by a few to an expanded democracy of communities controlling their lives and futures, together. When you play, you make decisions about the community. Those decisions get recorded on a map that is constantly evolving. Parts of the map are literal cartography, while other parts are symbolic. You will also name and describe the various groups that make up the larger community."


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WTF des Tages:

Qt baut ne Werbesschnittstelle ins Framework ein. Damit können Devs künftig Werbeschaltplätze in ihre Anwendungen einbauen.


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If a diff is hard to read because the changes are small, try `git diff --word-diff`. While the default diffing algorithm works line wise, this will show you changes within a line.

Tweet von mcc (@mcclure111) um 21. Jan., 07:30
Today Twitter finally went live, as threatened, with a feature that lets people associate their Twitter avatar with an NFT (see @ TwitterBlue).

This sucks but has a silver lining: You can now *automatically* detect&block NFT users. There are currently 3 apps for this (see below) t.co/MrLMxT7DdH


@aral ICYMI

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Listen to a podcast about something that interests you that you haven’t yet explored.

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"We can't return to normal, because the normal we had was precisely the problem."

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As a reminder: there are many different kinds of vulnerabilities. Not even memory safe languages can mitigate against all of them.

Case in point: blog.rust-lang.org/2022/01/20/

No amount of "memory safety" would fix a logic bug like that.


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Die Passwortverwaltung hat eine neue Finanzierungsrunde abgeschlossen, um das Wachstum zu beschleunigen. Ur-Nutzer des Tools zeigen sich zunehmend unzufrieden.
1Password: Passwort-Manager erhält 620 Millionen US-Dollar Risikokapital
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Find daily new #GDPR decisions from across Europe for free on GDPRhub.eu!

➡️ Read and edit this decision from Spain at gdprhub.eu/APDCAT_(Catalonia)_
📥 experts already signed up to our free newsletter: noyb.eu/pf/433/5gqtL


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Übersicht über die bisherigen Sicherheitslücken von Zoom - da waren schon einige kritische Schnitzer dabei. Und es werden weitere folgen, weil die Code-Basis einfach Mist ist.


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"Apps auf dem #iPhone tragen leicht verständliche Labels, die zeigen sollen, auf welche Daten sie zugreifen. Doch bei 80 Prozent der untersuchten Apps, die angeblich keine Daten erfassen, findet doch #Tracking statt." via @netzpolitik_org netzpolitik.org/2022/apple-dat

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Eine Sammlung von Cheatsheets.
#Bash, #Python, #Javascript
Ich bin begeistert, Sofort bookmarken ! 👍 👍 👍

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Vorsicht beim QR-Code scannen: Googles Kamera verfälscht Links in QR-Codes

Künstliche Intelligenz + QR Codes = Chaos. Googles Camera-App erzeugt unter Android 12 falsche Links – eine Einladung für freche Attacken.


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« #Solar Protocol is a #web platform hosted across a network of solar-powered servers set up in different locations around the world […] When connected as a network, the servers coordinate to serve a website from whichever of them is enjoying the most sunshine at the time » ☀️ solarprotocol.net

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If you use Safari on iOS, your browsing activity is less secure than you think.

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TIL about lichess.org/ , one of the world's most popular chess servers, run entirely on free software by a nonprofit, ad-free, supported by donations with a budget of ~$420K/year according to lichess.org/costs

They've been around since 2010.

As awesome as this is to see, imagine how many free/open nonprofit alternatives to Big Tech platforms would exist if, down to the municipal level, we decided to support them with funding & infrastructure.

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