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Despite writing my bachelor's thesis about a plugin for the GHC that allows it to compile another language I sill find myself looking up what a monad is. At this point it almost has a "what is the meaning of life" vibe to it.


lol was?

Xavier Naidoo distanziert vollständig sich von rechtsextremen und verschwörerischen Ansichten. Das video ist gut, und hoffe das er es ernst meint, aber bei nem geskripteten Video weiß man ja nie.

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What the actual fuck?!

This person brought their imaginarychildhood friend back to life and...yeah...

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So um, Google Maps is just listing the home addresses for a bunch of people in Norway now?

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Mild swearing, word in Caps 

@SuricrasiaOnline At first totetmatt had something awesome fast but at the end holy fuck. Is that inverse kinematics? Is that hardcoded animation? How tf did you do that? That was AWESOME

Also just in: congratulations 🥳

While it's not my first online demo party, it's the first one I've sat on a sofa.

Reading through the papers I'm referencing in my thesis feels like they are doing important science while I discover I can put a sphere through a circular hole.

If you post food with CW and it contains meat: don't label it as non-vegan. Label it as non-vegetarian.
Thank you

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why THE FUCK does the Haskell Language Server take up 1.9GB of RAM?

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For most of recent history, up until about 60 years ago, the act of creation was just a part of life. Everyone sang or played an instrument or wrote or performed or danced or Something.

But recording technology turned creative output in to a path to fortune and fame. Suddenly, if you weren't exceptional, then why were you trying at all?

This concept is, of course, bullshit.

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Today I found myself searching for the difference between fusion and deforestation.
I swear my thesis is about computer science.

Also can we please give things names? That search has led me nowhere because everyone means the actual fusion or actual deforestation, not the CS kind.

> Beaming is futuristic tech only in Sci-fi

Don't tell them of the magical German invention of the "Beamer"

Anybody got any info as to when GHC introduces let bindings in unfolding functions? Commuting-conversion doesn't seem to be the culprit and since no let-bindings exist beforehand I doubt it's let-floating.

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