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Today I found myself searching for the difference between fusion and deforestation.
I swear my thesis is about computer science.

Also can we please give things names? That search has led me nowhere because everyone means the actual fusion or actual deforestation, not the CS kind.

> Beaming is futuristic tech only in Sci-fi

Don't tell them of the magical German invention of the "Beamer"

Anybody got any info as to when GHC introduces let bindings in unfolding functions? Commuting-conversion doesn't seem to be the culprit and since no let-bindings exist beforehand I doubt it's let-floating.

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Dass 15% aller Infizierten – auch der mit Drittimpfung! – an #LongCovid erkranken, scheint erschreckenderweise noch immer Exklusivwissen der Info-Bohème zu sein. Erzählt das euren Bekannten und Familienmitgliedern! Covid ist kein grippaler Infekt!!

> Restarting, please don't turn off the device.


It's just hilarious how bad re-captcha is. I've now spend 20 minutes of trying to solve it and now it has declared me a bot, which means I can not log in for an unknown amount of time.

Ohno, why is everbody saying ecoterrorism _this time_?

Wondered why so many were suddenly against Bandcamp. Well just found out it's getting aquired by Epic. Welp, guess I'm not buying music there anymore and stop recommending it. I really thought they were different. A very disapointed bye bye.

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Just watched Death Note and stopped at episode 25. This is what people were hyping about? Until Episode 23 it is fairly good with a 3.5-4 out of 5. But the "second" part feels like it has been heartlessly patched on with no continuation of the first part and completely changing the focus. The whole series is at most 2/5, probably more like 1.5/5

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Summary of the first night : Babel and Webpack are nice in what they do, but a pain to configure. PIXI.JS is nice but probably won't use it next time, as I can iterate much faster with a proper engine.


I am beginning to feel that I am not too good at this

Wordle 222 6/6


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