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Is there a name for the function of form (exp(a*x)-1)/(exp(a)-1)?

Unfortunately the ending of Ori and the Will of the Wisps has been completely ruined for me due to the unreasonably difficult end boss.

Help, I've been stuck at the final Ori and the Will of the Wisps Boss and I simply cannot get it defeated. What does one do?

I did the shadies again. I wanted to play around with "stateful" shaders so I implemented basic elementary automata:

For context: I moved earlier this year but the citizen's office is still closed for in-city re-registrations.

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It has now been the fourth time, nobody cared that the address on my passport is wrong. Not even DHL complained.

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Also since Mastodon gGmbH is a real legal entity now and I am its CEO I am actually the CEO of Mastodon now. Sorry for ruining the jokes.

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@glsbank In der GLS mBank App gibt es ein Icon mit dem Namen "Paar" das zwei Personen, eine mit Rock und eine ohne darstellt. Kann man das etwas weniger stereotyp bzw. inklusiver darstellen?

@Tutanota Steht bei euch Giropay Lastschrift auf dem Plan? Privatsphäre läuft ja bei euch, aber dann mit PayPal zahlen zu müssen ist schon komisch.

New plants get 🥳
I am not the proud owner of a tomato and a paprika plant

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On a related note: does anybody know an online shop, that sells fair trade (GOTS or similar) shorts, which has cargo shorts in colours other than light brown, dark blue or dark green?

boosts welcome

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Searching for new shorts online (because glhf buying fair trade trousers in a store nearby). Literally tens of stores and hundreds of shorts later I found one.

1. 130€
2. Online not available.


This QR code is so incredibly cursed, but still works surprisingly well

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