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Feels good to be working in Godot again 😄
I don't know why but in Unity things just don't make sense to me.

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choose your fighter

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= equal
≡ very equal
≣ exTREMEly equal (more bars = more equal)
≅ very nearly equal
≃ pretty equal
≈ equal enough
∼ not totally unrelated

Remeber to checkout the games bundle sale from our local community. Featuring acclaimed games such as the gorgeous walking sim Shutter Stroll, the horror game Grime and Gaslight, a beta release of Jumping Bob as well as my own puzzle game Alien Signal. Only two days left. Grab one at

Hey we made a cool bundle from all of us Gamedevs in Flensburg.

Profit will go towards our community meetup for a projector and other tech we need.


Gut, dass das MoWaSys auch mal ausprobiert wird. Hier ist nix angekommen. Weder Sirene, noch radio und auch nicht NINA.

It just occurred to me that under the title Questionable Content could indeed be, questionable content. No, the comic has been mostly safe for work with just an occasional reference here and there.

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nsfw words, but mostly harmless in context 

Quick reminder that these are all valid links to the awesome comic Questionable Content:

Can anybody recommend any FOSS Masto desktop clients?

Apparently elephant's foot is related to asparagus 🤨

TIL when you encircle a pentagram it's also called a pentacle. The only question now: is there also a tentagram?

@Deviantart why the f is Tutanota a blocked email provider?


For your personal Hausbegrasung.

Today in Overwatch:

Genji: I need healing
Lucio: *exists harder*

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