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Also since Mastodon gGmbH is a real legal entity now and I am its CEO I am actually the CEO of Mastodon now. Sorry for ruining the jokes.

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@glsbank In der GLS mBank App gibt es ein Icon mit dem Namen "Paar" das zwei Personen, eine mit Rock und eine ohne darstellt. Kann man das etwas weniger stereotyp bzw. inklusiver darstellen?

Audacity - rude language 

@kubikpixel I don't want to go to 4Chan myself; why would they attack a FOSS Dev?

@SuricrasiaOnline Idk if it's any good, but you can livecode music at shadertoy.

@quat I can't remember the level's name, but there was an insanely good level with elements of antichamber. I mean the idea isn't new but it had been really well integrated and Portal (except for the Portals) has always been strictly euclidean.

@Vierkantor or even better, saying: "I'll Google that on DuckDuckGo"

@Tutanota Steht bei euch Giropay Lastschrift auf dem Plan? Privatsphäre läuft ja bei euch, aber dann mit PayPal zahlen zu müssen ist schon komisch.

@SuricrasiaOnline to be fair, anyone claiming it does is an idiot and doesn't have the slightest idea what the work in "proof of work" means.

@jbauer NaN is not a Number and as such could be anything. This is specified in the IEEE 754 standard. Hence almost every programming language has NaN == NaN as false. For example if a programming language does not support complex numbers both sqrt(-1) and sqrt(-2) would be NaN even though they are distinct values.

New plants get 🥳
I am not the proud owner of a tomato and a paprika plant

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