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@embr If the emperor dies, all the vassals die.
If a vassal dies for any reason, the emperor will respawn it.

They full on went with the analogy 😂

Mfw the sun sets at 16:30 and it almost freezes over night already. Yep; winter is coming.


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Legit email I received from my Uni today: Subject:Re: WG: Fwd: AW:

I want to tell you so badly about my new website but it isn't ready yet 👀

"; drop table *;

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So, given the meta, I'm actually curious to hear from the folks who use the screen reading software.


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which CW are you going to be this halloween?

mfw when I reach the third boss in but I only got 30 life left and cheron didn't have any healing items

@IceWolf Kind of. It certainly was developed out of complex numbers. The rad thing about qaternions is that they allow for much better operations in 3D space, such as rotations in comparison to matrices. But of course the pure concept of these numbers is fascinating as well.

@fribbledom "That would be funny, if it weren't so true" - GLaDOS

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@Tailsteak Well. If there is no proven link it's just correlation. Though correlation implies causation. But given, that there is indeed no link other than correlation then Laissez faire. But if there is indeed a link (i.e. it is a statistical fact (sigma < 5% et. al.) then warning label given the precedence of smoking packages.

Our orga team uses only the purest desinfectants. Its pure AF.

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