I was thinking about switching banks but I think it has now become obvious to which bank I am switching.

Yo isitbandcampfriday.com?
Go support your favourite artists while they get 100% of the revenue!

Well because the comercial entities bought the smaller companies, that did government funded research, just so they could have the patent without any of the financial burden/risk.

Anybody know a good Hugo tutorial? The Hugo docs are bad but all third-party tutorials are just "run this command and then this, change this line and done".

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Before you stand two trolleys, one never lies and the other contains a goat. Maxwell's demon asks if you'd like to switch trolleys

Welp guess who just found out about MegaParsec after just having spent two days fixing an issue with Parsec's indentation sensitive parsing 🙄

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There is no need for intellectual property

Non-Haskell programmers tell me what is going on here 😂

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*mumble mumble* metabolism *mumble mumble* rest energy consumption *mumble mumble*

Why did I know that was coming just from the thumbnail 😂

🔞 is such a bad symbol. It shows "not allowed for 18", while it actually means the complete opposite.

Guess who is working on their language again?
Bonus points if you guess in which language I am now writing the compiler!

Just found out while helping a friend, I would still probably pass the Biology Abitur

I'm glad I didn't forget as much as I though I had

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I don't know for whom or what, but apparently I can pay respects at that tree

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