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@samgai I would presume Amelika is the continent and Mewika is the country

How do you think about King's diversity space tool?
Boosts appreciated

@edithmair1 Die Google Datenzentren laufen aber schon länger mit 100% erneuerbarer Energie? Nicht, dass ich Quarks nicht glaube, aber es ist schwer nachzuvollziehen woher der CO2 Ausstoß kommt. Bzw. dass z.B. die Knoten und Provider usw. auch Strom brauchen ist nicht verwunderlich, hat mit Google aber nichts zu tun.


@g1comics I think a standatised form like most use is fine, though absolutely yes please add a button for "my address doesn't fit this scheme" with a free text field where adresses are reviewed via APIs like Nominatim or by hand if that fails.

@luka as @hearsepileup said, rights may vary. Almost all NFTs are based on the smart contracts of Etherum. These behave largely like a "normal" contract and you can write (almost) anything into them. The pure minimum is that both parties signed off on the contract. As for legal status it highly depends on the jurisdiction of the countries in which the seller and buyer are located.

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34 days until Internet Explorer officially dies.

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@samgai Hot leaf water is also good

@nev I'm by far no expert, but it looks a bit like slime mold to me


@cadxdr For my purposes MP3 is completely fine. I wouldn't even have the money to buy headphones accurate enough for me to notice. So far my ~1500 file archive is 6GB which is fairly small so I keep everything synced via a self hosted Nexycloud. Though that's just convenience, whenever I buy music I tag it with Picard and instead of the cloud I could manually copy it to each of the three devices I hear music on.

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I am once again reminding you of the existence of #kdl (, a fancy new config/document language that could make your config files so much more expressive and maintainable than YAML/JSON. pls take a look!

Also: If you're going to do research on functional programming or especially Haskell, you're not going to get around Simon Peyton Jones. Literally one third of my citations are from him.

Now as a companion to my thesis I have to do a presentation on it. My supervisor has recommended me a video on how to give a good science talk. Guess whom it's from.

Thesis: Done. It is on it's merry way to the examiner's office.

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Mojang pestered me about the required change to a Microsoft account. So I gave in and tried to create a Microsoft account. After almost half an hour trying "you requested too many codes". How the fuck am I meant to migrate then?

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