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You can tell me all about how TS is superior to Javascript but for this simple reason I will stick to Javascript

hades, shouting, no spoilers (I think), swearing 


Our orga team uses only the purest desinfectants. Its pure AF.

Remeber to checkout the games bundle sale from our local community. Featuring acclaimed games such as the gorgeous walking sim Shutter Stroll, the horror game Grime and Gaslight, a beta release of Jumping Bob as well as my own puzzle game Alien Signal. Only two days left. Grab one at


Nothing better than a good -healthy- breakfast at the

God I forgot how much I love writing fragment shaders

cursed go 

I did not know that go lets you do this. Holy shit. .s.s.

It's official: The first llvm-ir code generated by my compiler for my language.

Tilemap in progress but the game is finally coming together

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