Look who I found on my way to work

Anybody know what species that is?

Apparently I'm better as black than white in chess, though usually white has the advantage :blobcoffee:

This QR code is so incredibly cursed, but still works surprisingly well


And today on our gamejam Discord

I was thinking about switching banks but I think it has now become obvious to which bank I am switching.

Non-Haskell programmers tell me what is going on here 😂

I don't know for whom or what, but apparently I can pay respects at that tree


Ah yes, German cultural heritage.

And today in: "Guess which Wikipedia article this heading is from"

Some unexpected but very much appreciated gifts arrived today 😍

Thank you very much @Influjensbahr@twitter.com

We have achieved ultimate tooling.

Do I really have to comment out a comment commenting out a type annotation that is purely decorative in the first place?

Yes, that is why I use that. Thank you for reminding me.

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