Since I finished my bachelor I am now looking for a job in either web development for both front- and backend or game programming. I adore working with open source libraries and frameworks and apart from Java I am willing to work with any FOSS technology.
My ideal job would be part-time and remote. Social and ecological sustainability is much more important than economic sustainability to me and it should also be important to my employer.

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In my experience working in game dev requires you to be on-site. But YMMV depending on your desired platform, e.g. Android/iOS, AA/AAA PC games or Consoles.

My suggestion would be to have a portfolio ready to showcase your experience in e.g. C++.

For web development I highly suggest looking for an agency if it's just for money (which there is not a lot of) or experience XOR become a freelancer. They can decide what to work on and get 3-8 times the moneys in relation to agency.

@Pixdigit Depends a lot on where you live/where you want to work, and the company you are shooting for, e.g. larger ones (Ubisoft, Bethesda/id) or smaller-ish ones (Softgames in Berlin or another Game-App-Studio).

Or for web: Just pick any place, if you keep an open mind about technologies (e.g. frontend libraries, DevOps solutions, etc.) and try to be smart about what you use, you can find a job relatively easily.


E.g. we have once declined an applicant because they couldn't explain why they used a certain library, and not e.g. another one.

@Pixdigit Sorry I am not more specific in my suggestions, it's highly depending on what you are willing to do, how confident you are in your skills and what you are comfortable with trading off.

I can try to go into more details if you have more specific questions.

Good luck still! 🤞

Game Dev is a highly competitive space. Best to show prior experience with a portfolio.

Web Dev is easier to break into. You might get underpaid in the beginning but once you have gotten a foot in the door, the next job will be easier to get.

Next to agencies, startups might be worth looking for.

Hit me up if you want some platforms to put yourself out on.

@RyunoKi I am on Xing and Indeed or do you mean other kinds of platforms?

Those and others, yes.

Exploring quite some as of lately.

@Pixdigit Good luck. What is social sustainability? Is it like solar for society?

@Corfiot Social sustainability means creating conditions for all people that are worth living in. I.e. not exploiting people, especially from other, poorer countries.

Sustainable in the sense that it leads to a more stable society. If employees are unhappy they are much more likely to switch jobs or the exploitation of cheap labour in clothes manufacturing in Bangladesh is unsustainable as the workers are practically modern slaves and will revolt if nothing changes.

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