Implementing an ADSR envelope in GLSL for totally non-conspicuous reasons…


@lritter I was using step to define regions before in a non-branching way though it was utterly unreadable. But I really like the min/max idea. Readable and concise.

@lritter also just noticed: my implementation can handle durations of 0 fine, while the min/max approach needs to use an eta to avoid division by zero

@Pixdigit with audio, you don't want zero sample gates anyway. it clicks.

and most of the time the parameters are constant, so that max is removed at compile time.

@lritter well sometimes with s=1. and an attack you might not want a decay. Arguably it's a niche case but I prefer it for being true to the arguments. Zero decay means zero decay.

I guess it's personal preference and it's not going to matter anytime soon.

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