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I'm trying to make a list of places that sell de-googlised smartphones ready to use straight out of the box.

So far I've got murena.com

Are there any others?

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@najodleglejszy @Pixdigit @Fairphone

I think if you buy a Fairphone via murena.com it is de-googled, but you cannot order this version direct from Fairphone itself.

They are official partners by the way, the head of Fairphone mentioned the E Foundation (murena.com) when she launched the Fairphone 4 recently.

@homegrown @Pixdigit @Fairphone that's true, but it's still quite an important distinction. when you buy a Fairphone directly from the manufacturer (or from one of many resellers), you're getting a regular ol' Googlified ROM.


@najodleglejszy @homegrown @Fairphone Oh, I misremembered then. I thought it came with e-OS but I flashed it with Lineage anyway. And to be fair, the Fairphone ist probably the easiest and safest phones to flash.

@najodleglejszy @homegrown @Fairphone Just had a look again. Fairphone 3 and 3+ are available with /e/ OS preinstalled from the /e/ Foundation as official partner.

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