Anybody wanting to read a thesis in german about fold/build fusion on non-deterministic code?

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If you want me to spot spelling and grammar errors…

Depending on the software (Word, LaTeX) I might even have opinion on the layout.

Can't judge the content, I think.

@Pixdigit What a bummer that the generated PDF is inaccessible 😞

@RyunoKi The large part of the example transformation was already largely supervised by my erm supervisor and given Haskell's strictness I am confident that code that compiles also works fine.
Reading those notes one can also clearly see which parts where written before and which after midnight.
Though your correction skills are impressive. The last time I saw so many markers (with explanations!) was in my always barely passing German exams.

@RyunoKi Luckly I can mostly laugh off most of the mistakes and I absolutely adore the notes. Though if the Duden already says "commonly misspelled" and references a rule that only affects four specific words I guess I don't have to feel bad about my Rechtschreibung.

Spelling and grammar errors are hunting me.

Missing closing brackets are the worst.

Uh, did I tripped up those students at university…

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