I've been on masto quite a while now, so I think an is overdue.

Moin. I am a (soon to be finished) computer science student in Germany. My interests are and . I focus on 2D puzzlers but am open for more. I am also interested in human languages. Especially conlangs like . If able, I go climbing fairly regularly.

Sadly I am not very good at expressing myself so if I say something controversial, take it with a grain of salt.

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Love the moin :D

I take it you're living in the Northern part then?
(Don't have to disclose your location if you don't want).

I'm from that area, too.
But moved to the south for study and got stuck.

@RyunoKi Yes, I grew up in Niedersachsen but went even further north for studying. And it looks like I will be stuck here too 😅

@Pixdigit @RyunoKi moving ever closer to the Danish border you say...

@nielsa @RyunoKi Kåmeloso!

But if I had the chance I would have taken a Danish course in uni.

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