@aetios Yo, I'm currently shopping for cutlery at and where yo cake fork at? And wtf is a dessert knife?

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@aetios We germans do love our cake fork, which is not to be confused with a dessert fork. And I am not that well versed in cutlery either, so I really don't know what a dessert knife is, though the cake fork is quite ubiquitous in Germany.

@aetios I'm just poking a little fun, though I always find it interesting which countries use which cutlery

@Pixdigit yeah me too but im a little surprised sola doesn't seem to sell cake forks tbh

@aetios They have some, though they have four prongs for some reason. I don't really mind though

@Pixdigit weird man.. i usually eat my cake with a dessert fork but they are too big.
@aetios @Pixdigit they have DESSERT KNIVES?!?!?! i searched for that in german shops so long i need that :ablobfoxbongoterrified:

@feli doesn't sell in germany, but you can buy though

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