Yaaaay. Finally got to set up my own mumble server.

Check out this awesome serene walking simulator made by my friend @jannik_boysen@twitter.com

Does anyone know how I would go about proofing that a polynomial is irreducible over a finite field with prime order p where p mod 4=3?

Sometimes I am amazed at my own wisdom: "I need a tea".

(What I meant of course was the variable t in order to divide a polynomial)

tenpo ni la suno li pona. mi wile e tawa.

Voronoi explanation incoming. Now I just need to write the text. But check out those shaders. pixdigit.tk/AGP/

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@Gargron Hi, is there any way to do announcements via bot?

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#define a(x)texture(b,p.xy+x)
void main(){vec4 p=vec4(gl_FragCoord.st/r,1./r.s,0.),c=a(0.),l=.05*(a(p.pq)+a(-p.pq)+a(p.qp)+a(-p.qp)-c*4.);o=step(length(sin(t)-p.ts),.001)+c+4.*vec4(0.,0.,(.011+sin(t)*.002)*(1.-c.p)+l.p-c.p*c.q*c.q,c.p*c.q*c.q-.05*c.q+l.q);o.rg=o.qp;} #つぶやきGLSL

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#つぶやきGLSL #define M min
#define V vec2
float B(V p,int b,int c){return-M(float(b)-abs(p.x),float(c)-abs(p.y));}
void main(void){V p=gl_FragCoord.xy;gl_FragColor=vec4(M(M(B(p-V(25,100),10,30),M(B(p-V(75,100),10,30),B(p-V(50,100),15,5))),B(p-V(100),10,30))<.0?1:0);}

for real now

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Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli Releases Free Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings.

Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away & More

openculture.com/?p=1076275 t.co/HOUcy9JHN9

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screenreader unfriendly, shouting 


cursed go 

I did not know that go lets you do this. Holy shit. .s.s.

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