Guess who just spent 35€ on chocolate? But to be fair makes extremly good chocolate (they even make custom chocolate for as little as 5€)


I listen to Piko Taro's music because I like it

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Main mission achieved: the house didn't burn down.

Secondary mission was ok-ish. A bit too sweet and the shape wasn't exactly quadratic so the ends didn't look as nice. But all in all good enough.

Lessons learnt:
1. Buy an electric whisk when whisking eggs with sugar
2. American recipes use waaay to much sugar
3. Check beforehand if you have enough of each ingredient
4. Maple syrup is a good enough sugar replacement
5. Have a baking pan of the right size

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sad, minor spoilers: ori and the will of the wisps 

I just came through the silent woods for the first time and if I had a tissue box nearby it would have been empty.

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subtoot backwards is tootbus. anyone wanna take a ride on the tootbus??

Yes this is Schiller - Intrique and Love.

Translation (roughly): Mr. Miller (harshly grabs the violin): Do you want shut the fuck up? Do you want to know the violoncello on your brain box?

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Ah yes, German cultural heritage.

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Amazon making blatantly fake Twitter ahead of the union vote to discourage workers from unionizing

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Also congrats to @SuricrasiaOnline for the very well deserved first place at the Revision Shader Showdown! 🎉

A friend and me discussed how to abbreviate Shader Showdown and along we invented the SHShShSh - Schleswig-Holstein Schader Showdown Shell

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