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RIP .club TLD
Godaddy Support said "the team is in Arizona and is asleep right now, we have no way to escalate"
Imagine running a TLD and not have 24/7 Emergency support

This toot has been left intentionally blank

Guess who accidentally turned off their alarm clock instead of a snooze and slept an hour afterwards...

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C418 also made the official soundtrack for Cookie Clicker

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Look who I found on my way to work

Anybody know what species that is?

TIL: when sorting your wishlist on steam by discount, it generously ignores games with 100% discount (like Surviving Mars right now)

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The existence of draft horses strongly implies the existence of Final FINAL rev1 (copy) (backup) FINAL3 dot horses.

The bag of chips(crisps) I just bought didn't even last two hours :02fish:

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"might have to go back to the drawing board. and by drawing board i mean bed"

I started going bouldering again last week. Went the second time today and somehow I am worse than the first time :unverified:

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another really cool open source variable font is Recursive, which besides the axes for weight and italicity, has a casual- and mono-axis:

casual means making the font look more handwritten and lively. and mono can make it, well, monospaced, or just "half-monospaced", if that's what you like.

perhaps it's already well-known among font people, but i think it does a really good job at showcasing the possibilities of variable fonts, and just an overall neat-looking font.


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Why do I get advertisements for a subscription _after_ I bought the subscription?

Went bouldering again in a long time. Two days later and my arms, shoulders and legs are still sore.

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