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Is there any way to get a Linux certification without having your deadname on it? All of the institutions make it basically impossible to contact them, so please tell me if you know anything about that. Any answers are greatly appreciated. Retoots are welcome too.

The Freedom to Control Your Own Computer

"The ‘dangerous’ ideas of RMS; who are those dangerous to? Whose business model?"

#techrights #rms #freesoftware #gnu

Opinion thread: In terms of quality (and a bit of file sizes), do you prefer WebP or HEIF?

Repeats are welcome

"I'll do you one better, google drive for version control"

by AnonymousSeeker5

I was studying for my finals for few hours when something opend the door of my room. I was completly shocked, because I should be home alone. But it was just my dog who was feeling lonely and wants to be petted. And of course I petted her, even when I'm studying for my finals, there must be time for that.


Hello everyone.

Just a reminder to let you know that my album of video games cover songs “WAREZ” is available for free download on

The package currently include 40 cover songs of the following video games.


After Burner Alone In The Dark Altered Beast Another World Battletoads Castlevania - Bloody Tears Castlevania - Vampire Killer Command & Conquer Contra Doom 2 Doom Double Dragon Duke Nukem Dune 2 Dune Flashback F-Zero Ghosts ‘n Goblins Golden Axe Hero Quest Loom Mega Man 2 Monkey Island Ninja Gaiden Ocean Loaders Out Run Rambo First Blood Part II Shadow Of The Beast Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Street Fighter 2 Super Metroid Supremacy Syndicate System Shock Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Legend Of Zelda Turrican Ufo Ultima Zak McKracken


(just relaying this message to spread the code :blobcat3c: )

Angemessene Reaktion auf den Beitrag "Streit um Microsoft: Initiative von Lehrern, Eltern und Schülern will Schulen Teams und Co. verbieten lassen – warum eigentlich?" von News4Teachers, der glatt als Werbebeitrag durchgehen könnte.

I'm listening English, Japanese, sometimes Korean and Russian music (thanks to @emily )
But almost none of my native language, German...
Why is German music often that bad :ablobslurp:

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